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JOY AND HOPE TO THE WORLD. Christmas 2017 Message - John Cardinal ONAIYEKAN, (CON)

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Christmas season has come again,

A season of Joy and Hope to the world,

Joy in the midst of widespread distress,

Hope against the ever-thickening cloud of despair.

This is because Christmas celebrates a mystery.


Not just the birth of a special child

2000 years ago in Bethlehem of Judea;

Not only because of the Celebrant JESUS,

The Greatest of all spiritual Messengers,

The Originator of the most influential world religion.


Christmas has become a global celebration,

Because it evokes a great and deep mystery;

That God has come into our world

In the simple Child born in Bethlehem:

“The Word has been made flesh

and he dwells among us” John 1:13.


To know and accept this awful truth

Is a unique mystery if faith

Given as blessing and free gift of grace

To the grateful and humble believer.


Christmas is a special annual occasion

To testify to this divine action

In words of humble profession of faith

And in deeds of consistent behavior.


The message of Christmas is many fold

And speaks to all in diverse ways.

It shows the Power of God

For whom nothing is impossible.

We see the love of God at its apex

As He sends His only Son to save us all. 

The life of Jesus is a strong example for us

Of humility in the manger as a cradle,

Of his poverty embraced with graceful dignity.

These are the royal roads to genuine success

For persons, peoples and nations.


The message of the Angels to the Shepherds

Continues to ring in our ears:

“Glory to God in the highest heavens,

Peace on earth to men and women of good will”.


There is too much ill will around us.

Let there be more abundant good will

In our hearts and towards one another.

Then will hope arise, joy will overflow

and peace will reign.



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