Friday, 12 April 2019 15:14

Okorocha: Re-Igbo ‘ll get nothing in Buhari’s 2nd term - Chukwudi Ohiri

Reading through Okorocha’s outburst on how Igbo played bad politics in the 2019 general election, any discerning Igboman would see the submissions as no news. A few questions and submissions would suffice to address some of the fears raised by Okorocha.

Please ask Okorocha what Buhari’s first term brought to Igbo? Help us tell him that we’re not expecting anything from him and that if the elections were to be held, again and again, we will still not vote him. It is not out of hatred, ethnic bigotry or any other consideration (as insinuated by Okorocha) other than the question of competence and true patriotism for the motherland. We wanted (as always), something better for a country that seems to hate every step we take, notwithstanding. Tell him that Ndigbo considered that he, Buhari, is not competent enough to lead Nigeria. In fact, he is not even in charge and may never be.

If he thinks we voted Atiku Abubakar because of our son Peter Obi, then he is wrong. He forgot too soon that once upon a time, Chuba Okadigbo our beloved son, was his running mate and that did not sway our vote for him. Make him understand that we did not vote Atiku because he is the best of all available, but for pragmatic reasons that he is by far, better than Buhari as rightly declared by OBJ and stood a better chance to oust the former dictator turned ‘Democrat.’ If by chance, the South Easterners get anything from this government, we shall be grateful, not to PMB, but to God (Chukwuokike Abiama) who says that the heart of the king is in His hands.

Tell Okorocha that the earnest prayer of Ndigbo is for PMB to prove all his detractors who do not believe in his abilities wrong. That way, all Igbo will hide their faces in shame including me.

Please tell Okorocha to tell PMB that we the Igbo are not happy with the insecurity and wanton killings of our brothers (his fellow Hausa and Fulani) in the North East and North West. Let him shame the Igbo by ending this bloodletting. We are deeply pained by the killings because our culture and religion abhor and forbid it. Even if those killed are more related to him than the Igbo, we still love and cherish them as our kit and kin.

Kidnappings have become more lucrative than oil business, please tell Okorocha to tell PMB that the only way he can punish the South East is by ending this new wave of business before more people embrace it.

Someone should tell Okorocha that we are not unaware that his hue and cry over 2023 presidency is not about the Igbo, but about his personal ambition almost scuttled. In any case, an average Igboman has since moved on with the reality that the Nigerian state will always find a reason to deny him that exalted position. Are we perturbed? Of course yes, because it is our right. But not getting it will not be the end of life. We have survived without it and will continue to thrive with or without it.

On a personal note, I think the Igbo need to be thought some lessons and the best way to deal with them is not by underdeveloping them (because we are already used to that and still surviving), but by developing Nigeria and proving them wrong on the assumption that he (PMB) is inept. It will delight Ndigbo if Nigeria is turned to a ‘Dubai’ overnight under PMB. We are already getting used to not getting top appointments under this administration and even though ‘we gave over 30% of our votes this time around to PMB’ (unlike the 5% of 2015), he should shame us by revamping the economy and proving the World bank wrong on the recent forecast of a downward trend in the economy. We need PMB to shame the Igbos by restoring the lost confidence in Nigeria’s economy which has led to divesting and loss Foreign Direct Investment. We need those MNCs that relocated to Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, etc, to come back so that Igbo and those who did not believe in PMB will be shamed. Igbo would be glad, even if shamed to see Nigeria working again.

Tell Okorocha to tell PMB to begin to respect the rule of law, uphold the principle of separation of power and move to the next level of fighting corruption (since he has been recovering loots and fighting ‘corrupt enemies’ before now). Tell him to ask PMB what happens after he has left office. Will corruption resurface? We need strong systems and institutions that would outlive this present regime and make corruption almost impracticable, this way, Igbo will have been shamed.

On the issue of over 30% vote for PMB, I hope his statisticians have reworked the voting pattern for him highlighting to him that Igbo improved by over 500% from the 5% of 2015. Natural justice demands that PMB should treat us better unless he is inadvertently admitting that the so-called 30% vote which ensured that he garnered the requisite 25% in ⅔ of the states to win in 2019 was fraudulently concocted. If not, why would he not treat us better as insinuated by Okorocha? Anyway, mathematically speaking, if with 5% votes for him, we got nothing, it means that nothing multiplied by 500% will still amount to nothing. Like I stated earlier, Igbo are not expecting much from PMB. All we ask is for him to prove us wrong on all fronts.

For Okorocha and in fairness to him, he did a few things in Imo State. We saw roads being constructed here and there although the quality, as he admitted, are suspect. The challenge apparently was his tilt towards converting Imo State to a fiefdom and personal/family estate. Left for me, let him go to the Senate. Nigeria may need his likes because of the nature of the con

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