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Trio abduct fellow Nigerian to fulfil American Dream

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When James Grant went missing on Thursday and did not respond to the calls made to his phone, his wife, Ruchira Chakravarti, feared the worst. She was, therefore, relieved to receive a call from his number on Friday morning. But the call was from someone else demanding Rs 25 lakh for the release of her husband.

"I was extremely scared and confused and did not know what to do, so I informed my parents," said Chakravarti on Saturday. "They advised me to approach the cops and let them handle the situation. They feared that the people who had kidnapped James could trap me too if I went to deliver the ransom."

Accordingly, Chakravarti contacted the police around Friday noon. She told them that the caller had directed her to bring Rs 25 lakh to an abandoned plot in Mandawali after which Grant, a Nigerian, would be released unharmed. Omvir Singh, DCP (East), said that Shobhit Saksena, ACP of Mayur Vihar, was chosen to lead the investigations.

The cops asked the woman not to panic but to keep the channel of communication with the abductors open. Then, as instructed by police, she reached the designated spot with the money. In the meanwhile, policemen in plainclothes had already reached the area and were loitering around.

When Chakravarti approached the trio of kidnappers to hand over the ransom, the police team jumped into action and nabbed them. Police said that the main accused was identified as Kenneth Uchenna (39), who had known Grant for over a month. He had called his victim to Mandawali promising a business deal. Two of Uchenna's accomplices were identified as Cliff Osa (25) and Okwudiri Solomon (40). All three men are Nigerians.

The three Nigerians had hit upon the plan of kidnapping someone and demanding a ransom so that they could fulfil their American dream and take their families on a vacation to the US. The men attempted vainly to escape. Grant was later found in a dingy room, where he had been tied to a wooden chair.

Times of India

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