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Utomi charges World Leaders to promote Ethical Leadership

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Renowned Political economist, Prof. Pat Utomi has lamented the failure of World Leaders, particularly business and political leaders, in promoting ethical leadership.

Utomi stated this in a keynote address he has delivered to the Global Leadership Forum in Bangalore, India, on Friday 10th November, 2017. Another speaker at the event was the former Prime Minister of Slovenia who, coincidentally, was part of the EU Observer Mission for the 2011 general election in Nigeria.

Utomi cautioned that if ethical conduct was not stepped up in the conduct of world leaders, and the trend was not checked, politicians could in no time face a massive legitimacy crisis just like businesses and business men face a crisis of public confidence. This was to echo similar remarks he had made in Cape Town, South Africa a month ago at the Africa Partners meeting of the Global Professional Services firm, Deloitte, when he said businesses should think of new concepts like Return on Reputation, ROR, and Return on Experience, RoE, just like Return on Investment, ROI which is already well established.

He further explained that if there is more of ethical conduct and a reduction in corruption, it will make for greater economic expansion and more inclusive growth around the world.

Citizens and customers, he said, “would more aggressively demand this as we encounter more disruptive technologies at the dawn of this fourth industrial revolution.

Utomi insisted that, “to have any one left behind in this new advance will have more dire consequences than the case in places like Nigeria where people in oil-bearing parts of the country were left behind in the modernization that oil brought.”

He noted that this neglect has turned the once peaceful zone to a centre of unending agitation for a fairer deal from the Nigeria system.


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