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Parents convinced not to name child Lucifer after court hearing

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There is no outright ban on specific names in Germany but authorities can decide not to accept names.

A baby in Germany will not be named Lucifer after authorities intervened.

A registrar in the city of Kassel sought clarification from a district court after a couple sought to give their son the devilish name.

Officials said the registrar suspected the name could endanger the child's well-being, and the parents were persuaded to relent during a closed-door hearing at the court, and decided to call their son Lucian instead.

That saved the court from having to decide whether Lucifer was acceptable. 

Authorities in Germany can decide not to accept names for children, although there is no outright ban on any specific names.

In the past, names such as Gandalf and Godsgift were allowed but a request to name a child Dracula was rejected.

- Irish independent 

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