Friday, 15 October 2021 16:27

‘Fake’ Mad Man Spotted Picking Used Sanitary Pads And Diaper [VIDEO]

A young man who disguised himself as the mad man was caught in his tracks after residents found him picking used and dumped sanitary pads and diapers at the refuse site.


The unidentified man in a trending video looked unkempt from the crown of his head to his feet just so will be able to impress everyone that he is mentally challenged.

He is seen holding black nylon with used sanitary pads and diapers in them as proof of what he was been accused of by residents in the area who interrogated him.

A woman identified the fake ‘madman’ and when he was asked what he was going to use the sanitary pads and diapers for, he claimed that a fetish priest instructed him to go for them to be used as a ritual for wealth creation.



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