Monday, 03 May 2021 18:09

We want to up-skill 5 million people in Nigeria - Microsoft Corporation

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has announced some initiatives that the Nigerian government will be embarking on with the Microsoft Corporation that cover areas of intersection between technology and governance and will deliver value to Nigerians.

The initiative was part of the outcome  of the meeting in January 2021 with the President of Microsoft Corporation President, Mr. Brad Smith.

Microsoft has said after extensive consultation with the government, they expressed their plans to to build strong foundations for a digital economy in Nigeria: connectivity, skilling and digital transformation.

Brad Smith, Microsoft President said, “We believe in the future of Nigeria, and we are excited as a company to add to our investments.

“Together, we have an enormous opportunity to put technology to work, create jobs, to foster the technology ecosystem across Nigeria, and to use technology to preserve the best of the past and take us into the future.”

The firm noted that after discussions with the Federal Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy and local partners, six regions in the country have been earmarked for the development of high-speed internet infrastructure.

The software firm said they will deploy an Airband Initiative that will assist local partners to improve broadband connectivity in communities.

The firm stated that they are committed to up-skilling 5 million people in Nigeria over the next three years. To help reach this goal, 1,700 trainers will provide blended online and in-person training courses to the country’s youth as well as government workers.

Mr Smith further said, “Government will also be given the tools to digitally transform skilling, education, and employment methods to match job seekers with the right employers. In doing so, we hope to create over 27,000 new digital jobs in the next three years.

“We are setting ourselves a big goal, to bring access to digital skills to five million people in Nigeria over the next three years,” continues Smith. “But this is not something we can do by ourselves. We will equip master trainers and, along with them, are committed to creating thousands of new jobs.”


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