Wednesday, 07 April 2021 12:06

How upcoming artiste, Wisekid, raked in ‘N30m monthly’ cloning Wizkid’s album

An upcoming artiste named Wisekid has triggered curiosity on social media after he disclosed statistics that prompted allegations he made about N30 million monthly from cloning ‘Made In Lagos‘, a 2020 music album by Wizkid.


Wisekid, whose monicker itself is an imitation of Ayodeji Balogun’s stage name, had released an album and named it ‘Lasgidi Made’, a localised alteration of Wizkid’s album title. He then went ahead to dub the names of Wizkid’s tracks.

The upcoming singer drew attention to himself after he tweeted the screenshot of Apple Music analytics with the caption “On God.”

The numbers showed he had raked in 9.3 million views, 133.6k average daily listeners, and 1.2k song purchases on streaming platforms.

He was also accused of having made $73,170 monthly since October 2020 via Apple Music, Amazon, Shazam, and Tidal.

Wisekid also dubbed Wizkid’s social media usernames, using the handle “Wisekidaya” on Instagram and Twitter.

As the now-deleted screenshot went viral on Twitter and attracted critics who accused the singer of infringing on Wizkid’s copyright, Wisekid wrote in denial: “I’m just an upcoming artist I know nothing about this.

“And please am not the one distributing Wizkid album on Apple music. I have my company that distributes my music for me so I know nothing about this news spreading all over the internet. Thank.”

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