Wednesday, 03 March 2021 16:47

Integrate Original ENDSARS Organisers Into Governance, Ogbueli Urges FG

 Founder of Dominion City Worldwide, Reverend David Ogbueli, Tuesday called on the federal government of Nigeria to find the initiators of the EndSARS protest (before it was hijacked by hoodlums) so as to integrate them into governance.

He explained that the manner they conducted the protests presented them as persoms with leadership qualities needed to grow Nigeria’s economy and democracy.

The cleric said it would serve good purposes to bring in that set of youths to the scheme of government.

Ogbueli argued that the organizers of the endsars protest before it was hijacked by hoodlums were brilliant, articulate and very organized who should be brought into governance to chart way forward in the country.

He noted that these particular set of youths who he said constitute 25% of the population will find solutions to the problems of the country because of their brilliance.

Ogbueli spoke in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital during ENDSARS Youth Summit with them: Youth Engagement in National Development which took place at Christian Ecumenical Centre, Abakaliki.

He called on the 25% youths he said that are comfortable to help and lift the 75% of other youths out of poverty to stop being used as instrument of destruction, adding that they were the ones that hijacked the endsars protest and turned into violent which nearly destroyed the country.

He said “Africans in home and diaspora should find solutions to nation building. They need to combine with their brothers at home because we have brilliant minds here and that’s why these ones that organized ENDSARS here should be brought back to help us organized the way forward.

“Every Nigerian youths that has a job are among the few that got through the eye of the needle.

“The 75% of the population who are the youths that are under the poverty line are the tools anybody can weaponize; you can ask them burn down the entire place and they will do with just N2,000 each.

“When politicians want to cause trouble, they go to find them, people who want to cause terrorism go for them. In South, they are easily recruit for militancy, in the North they are easily recruit for terrorism, in the East they are easily recruit for agitation and all manner of things.

“In the West, they are also used, they are Almajiris, they are area boys and they are easily recruited and they are the ones that burnt Lagos because a hungry man is an angry man.

“All the good works the first set of youths did, they came up, swallowed it and destroyed them and turned the story to a bad story.

“Nigeria is known outside as 419, corruption and all that because the voice of these set of youths have swallowed the voice of young Nigerians, brilliant Nigerians we have all over the world.

“As a modern-day Joseph, I have two solutions to it and I am talking to all Nigerians youths that can take care of themselves. I am recommending 10% budgetary allocation.

“Every Nigerian, save 10% of your income. If you are a businessman, if you are in the corporate world, save 10% of your income. Find three other young men that don’t have the privilege that you have.

“Invest it in them and move them up to your level. 70% of this work will be done by Nigerians themselves and not waiting for government. Whatever any government does is like a drop of water in the ocean.

“Every Nigerian no matter where you are; if you like live abroad, be in your mansion. You have to come to your constituency and empower twelve young people.

“Then the young people themselves, get three persons each that you will help in any way. Create jobs, go back to your constituency, go back to your state.

“If 25% is empowered, 75%, is left behind it becomes a problem. The privileged ones have to take responsibility for the poor ones.

 “If we do it, very soon there won’t be young people left for the criminal gangs to recruit, there won’t be young people left for wicked politicians to hire and weaponize, there won’t be young people left for kidnapping and all that.

“One opportunity comes to you, start thinking about three other people to also help, don’t eat alone, don’t rise alone. If you rise and eat alone, the day you will fall, you will fall alone,” he said.

Governor David Umahi who flagged-off the summit, called on the youths to embrace various empowerment opportunities and shun violent tendencies.

He urged them to protect critical infrastructures and not destroying them, describing youths as future leaders.

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