Thursday, 25 February 2021 14:49

Bandits’Negotiation: Gumi Lacks Conscience, Should Be Tried - Guru Maharaj Ji

Sat guru Maharaj Ji, Founder of One Love Family, has condemned Sheikh Ahmad Gumi recent acts, saying he lacks conscience for going as far as negotiating terms of exchanging prisoners of terror for the lives of innocent school children.

This measure according to Maharaj Ji can be likened to killing a phyton with fresh eggs, stressing that it will only serve as nourishment for it.

Maharaj Ji, made this known in a press statement signed and made available to newsmen from his residence in Ibadan, Oyo State on Thursday.

He, alleged that it was common knowledge that, like his father, late Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, an Islamic cleric, was popularly known for making infamous and far-reaching statements capable of inviting Muslims to violence and radicalising youths in the name of upholding Islamic tenets.

Maharaj Ji said: “It will be recalled that Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, as a leading star of Kaduna Mafia, once vowed that no Southerner will rule Nigeria in his life time.

“Pastor T.B Joshua and Adewole who were under the spell of the Kaduna Mafia to Aso Rock villa to confuse General Sani Abacha to death through his self-succession bid, rather than invite Maharaj Ji to form a government of national unity.

“But what happened later is now history! We all witnessed the historic May 29, 1999 Presidential inauguration of making Olusegun Obasanjo, a Southerner President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and true to his vow, Abubakar Gumi never lived up witness that epoch event. Though, there are challenges, a new Nigeria is now in the making by the special Grace of Maharaj Ji.

“To this end, I question the rationale that South-West, South-East and South-South believing that we are political actors, who okay by the rules of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to ensure freedom of expression, movements and association, within the ambits of the law despite the I don’t care attitude of Northern elites.”

Maharaj Ji stated further, “It will be recalled that Gumi an ally of Umar Farouk, the under wear ‘Christmas bomber’ who dented Nigeria’s image internationally through his botched attempted bombing of an aircraft bound for Michigan, USA in 2009.

“Farouk allegedly had links with Sheikh Gumi because his phone contact was only with him, but he also confirmed Gumi to be one of his associates.”

He, however, wondered why up to this moment Sheikh Ahmad Gumi who should be facing criminal trial in the court of law was the one on the negotiating table with Fulani bandit group leader, Dogo Gide and his group for kidnapping students and members of staff of Government Science College, Lagbara in Niger State.

He queried further, “Is this not mortgaging the conscience of our youths? Invariably, teaching them, it is okay to take arms against the state and they will be rewarded and given recognition for their grand schemes, twists and plots.”

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