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Monday, 22 February 2021 11:59

My Focus is to do a publication that mirrors the life style of people in the City – Dr Seye Kehinde

Dr Seye Kehinde is an ace reporter, editor, publisher and founder of City People Group Limited.

Dr Kehinde is celebrating the 25th anniversary of City People Magazine that he established in 1996, which he focused on doing publications that mirrors the lifestyle of people who live in the City.

According to him, City People Magazine was adopted from as result of idea to mirror the lifestyle of celebrities in the city.

Speaking at an interview on City Talks with Reuben Abati, monitored by Abati Media, Dr Kehinde recounted his experience in the media terrain and his transition from mainstream reporting to Celebrity journalism.

Dr Kehinde has every aspect of mainstream reporting before his transition to celebrity activity of journalism.

“The last 25 years has being very tough, the media terrain has being very challenging and the survival of City People is by the grace of God,” he said.

He described the journey over the years with City People as an interesting one because he was able to see the growth of the business transmute as a baby that crawls, walk and stand as an adult on her feet.

Dr Kehinde recounted his accomplishment as a mainstream journalist, where he received an award for health reporting, and was also recognized as the business reporter of the year several years ago.

He mentioned that he was a reporter that covered international bit for ThisWeek Magazine that became Thisday.

He added that he has being able to move from health reporting, oil and gas, and a bit of literal reporting.

According to Dr Kehinde, “journalism is about reporting human activities.”

In his view, people has being at the centre of what we do. Which explains the reason why he doesn’t see his transition from mainstream to celebrity reporting as “change” but a “continual.”

He is of the view that at some point in your journalism career, you have to humanize your story, you have to put human face to what you do.

“It is not about figures or statistics; it is about how things affect and impact those who live in the city.

“The City people!” he said.

The Ace reporter and publisher, mentioned that in his younger days as an undergraduate of History and Political Science in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, he was always fascinated by the personalities that dominate history, stories of great men who rules the world.  

He stated that funding has being one of his biggest challenges over the years.

“As an entrepreneur in the media, you have to balance between looking for stories and at the same time funds to run the business, he said.

Dr Kehinde stated that, Dele Momodu calls publishing a, Kalo-Kalo business that you put money into it and what comes out of it doesn’t justify the efforts and the amount exhausted.

He also mentioned that they were almost knocked out of business by the unfriendly nature of the economy but we kept at it.

According to him, “For something that you have passion for, you can’t just say you’re not doing it, you can’t just talk about investment alone, you have to balance between the two and at the same time, you have to find a way to make sure that the business stays afloat especially in a climate that is not conducive for business.”

He alluded social media as big threat and a disruptive factor in what he does. But he said they have find a balance between Print and make profit out of it and at the same time strengthen their involvement in social media.

Dr kehinde stated that infodemic is a big problem confronting media practitioners. And he advised practitioners in the media terrain to be careful.

“If the people don’t get correct news that they read, there is a tendency for that vacuum to filled by those who provide alternative news,” he said.

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