Saturday, 23 January 2021 06:22

40 years as RCCG GO: Adeboye shares early doubts, challenges

In a video interview, Adeboye admitted that when he was told he would become the General Overseer by the late founder of RCCG, Reverend (Pa) Josiah Akindayomi, he said ‘God forbid.’

He explained: “I prefer the quiet life and I still prefer the quiet life. The quiet life as far as I am concerned is the sweetest and I knew then that becoming the general overseer will expose me a lot. If you like a quiet life, you don’t want to head an international organisation and my father in the Lord told me clearly that I would travel all over the world. I told him I was willing to serve as a pastor under a General Overseer and I will do my best but apparently what is written is written. So here we are.”

According to him, the first years as a young GO were full of challenges from senior pastors who were there before he became born again and probably saw me as an upstart.

“The church was started in 1953, I joined the church in 1973. Many of these pastors were my teachers, workers in training and baptismal classes. So just coming from nowhere and being catapulted above them all, one could understand that it was not too pleasant. Initially, the cooperation was not too robust,” he explained.

“The initial mistake I made as GO maybe was that I trusted too much. It took me some time to learn that only God could be trusted and that led to some mistakes. I would ask somebody to go do something, go to sleep believing the thing was done. Only to wake up and discover that the person had not moved. The only friend you can trust 100 per cent is God.”

Born in Osun State to very humble parents, Adeboye completed his first degree at the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 1967. The same year, he married Foluke Adenike and they are blessed with four children – Adeolu, Bolu, Dare and Leke.

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