Sunday, 29 November 2020 20:41

Some leaders are on destructive mission, says Al-Mustapha

Former Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the late General Sani Abachi, Maj. Hamza Al-Mustapha (rtd) at the weekend disclosed that some leaders are partners in destroying the country.

Al-Mustapha said it is time to rebuild the country by dealing with those destroying the country.

He spoke in Abuja at a maiden conference organised by the National Youth Movement for rebuilding Nigeria.

Al-Mustapha urged the youth to be united and earn their right in the country, adding that it is time to rebuild the country.

His words: “Some of our leaders were not only prone to patronage against the country, now some of them are partners in this distractive mission on Nigerians.

“If the younger ones do not know, that would be a painful thing. Let me tell you something. When Nigeria was dissected which is a plan they do have and today from the academia in Europe and in America, they don’t hide, they come up to now look for better avenue of exploiting Africa. Nigeria’s case is exceptional because of what God has given to us.

“Most of our leaders who have allowed themselves for patronage, in this destructive mission are doing so in leadership. There are some other things hidden by God Almighty that they do not know yet, and that is the point of happiness that we have.

“But for young ones to get together, to prepare to earn your own right, you better draw the word realism, sleep over it, think about it and plan whatever you have on the point of view of the word realism.

“If the word realism is compromised at any point in time of movement then better know that you have failed.

“Realism in leadership, realism in your scientific approach on how you get results on every aspect of the goals you are so designed for yourselves.

“But getting the people with the right mind, with the right soul, with the preparedness to provide direction and leadership for this country, in this particular time, you will find it very difficult to get such people”.

Al-Mustapha went further that: “And if you know you are ready to sacrifice to provide leadership and direction then be prepared for enemies who are bigger then you. And what do you do against enemies who are bigger then you, you also have to draw one word and look at it from realistic point of view and the word is unity.”

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