Saturday, 28 November 2020 05:39

Day randy producer insisted on sex for role – Chioma Ifemeludike

Nollywood actress, Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has narrated how a randy producer insisted on having sex with her before she could be given a role in his movie.

According to her, it is an insult for a producer to demand for sex in exchange for movie roles. But then, that seems to be the reality in Nollywood. Chioma recalled her experience: “Sometime ago, a producer contacted me through his brother for a particular movie job. After we concluded, he chatted me up on WhatsApp telling me how much he likes me and wants us to have sex. I was shocked because we have never met. Although, he was one of the biggest producers at that time, how do I just have sex with him without any (physical) connection? I told him all that and he said if I won’t do it with him, then I won’t be in his production. And that was it. So, it means no sex, no job. But I had looked forward to working with him.”

However, if you think Chioma was done with her sex for role experiences, the dark skinned script interpreter lamented to Inside Nollywood that she had also lost roles because of her beautiful skin colour.

Hear her: “Some producers are always looking out for light skinned girls. If you are dark and they don’t have alternative, they will cast you for the role, but if there’s a fair person around the corner, then you have lost the job. When I was darker due to school and stress, I lost a couple of roles because of that. I have also lost a role because I didn’t have a car; rather it was given to a colleague that had. There are a lot of irrelevant reasons you won’t be cast for a role. I think a low mentality has taken over Nollywood.”

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