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[OPINION] Lekki Tollgate massacre: Unknown soldiers did it, not Buhari - Israel Ebije

Nigerians owe President Mohammadu Buhari an unreserved apology for the embarrassment caused to his soaring integrity over the nationwide protests against brutality by elements of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). Nigerians smashed at his chalice of pride when they demanded he address the nation on the Lekki tollgate massacre. How infantile of Nigerians to demand a national apology from Buhari who was in Abuja while “unknown” soldiers killed over 100 unarmed protesters?


Buhari was very busy with important errands of tending to his herds of 100 cows before Nigerians forced him with “nationwide protests” to accept their plea to contest presidential election in 2015. Nigerians prayed, fasted, consulted their gods to prevail against any force or forces that could prevent Buhari becoming president in 2015. The gods were on their side, he gifted Buhari to them. The same gods possessed former President Goodluck Jonathan to accept defeat even before the last vote was counted. Christians, Muslims, herbalists and free thinkers celebrated his victory. 


President Buhari was voted in to satisfy so many demands/ interests. Majority wanted good governance, they wanted a president that would improve the economic, Social and political situation of Nigeria for the best. Some wanted Buhari to hang all the people who stole money from the treasury - especially governors of states. Many northerners felt it was the time of the north to produce their own President After late President Yar’Adua died. Several Nigerians  also believed he would end insurgency. Most notable pastors, Imam’s saw visions that Buhari held the key to a better Nigeria. What a lengthy bucket list for an old soldier.


President Buhari saddled all the weighty loads of expectations and rode straight to the presidential Villa to deliver the “goodies”. Ungrateful Nigerians soon started to grumble. First, they lived on twitter street regretting the choice of Buhari until they summoned the courage to came out of the virtual street to protest #EndSARS across south east, south west and south south. The protest continued to grow despite usual government promises. The police, army response was swift to save Buhari from embarrassment - he is the chosen one and can never be wrong.


Certainly Buhari and those who believe in him were not happy with the “unruly” youths. United Nations Ambassador Commasie who was livid with anger that Nigerians dared the will of the gods on the Buhari led government declared that if the military or police fail to put down the protesters, “patriotic” Nigerians would. The very next day “patriotic urchins” were loaded in buses and escorted by security operatives to areas occupied by peaceful protesters. The next was the killing of youths at Lekki tollgate by “unknown” soldiers. Meanwhile hired urchins are still on the street!


We have offended Buhari and must beg for his mercy. It is very clear his speechless speech after the Lekki tollgate massacre expresses his anger over attempt on  his reputation as a task force general who believes in use of force as an alternative to dialogue. More than 100 lives lost was too small to dent his speech. Now Nigerians are too shocked to feel the pain the speech left in their hearts. They asked for it, wasn’t that a well written speech?


Hundreds of youths died across the country. Hundreds of hired hooligans looted and destroyed Lagos and other major cities of the southern parts of Nigeria. Many innocent peaceful protesters were felled by police, army bullets. What does that matter to our amiable president? Nothing! They simply ruffled his well groomed ego. Trust Buhari, he combed his ego back to its flowery glory, that much we know from the first paragraph of his “speechless speech”. 


Instead of lying face down shame faced on the streets begging Buhari, Nigerians are “shockalized at his speech. It is rudeness, unacceptable effrontery for “unknown” soldiers to waste bullets on lazy youths and yet Buhari is asked to apologize. Buhari hates hypocrites, betrayers, and rude youths; his anger is kindled against them. The dead should consider their corpses lucky they are not arrested by the government for polluting Nigeria’s sacred streets.


Buhari is a man ahead of his time. He knows his game very well. He knew that one day some rude youths might want to pull up a surprise so he made sure Muslims from the north occupy almost all the prominent positions in the country. He kept his loyalists in the armed forces. He refused to retire service chiefs despite overstaying service years requirement by law. How is it possible that Nigerians are just realizing that Buhari and his lieutenants have a plan which is fully operational and has been tested to stand the tide of protests?


It is indeed instructive to assert that  the northern elites loyal to Mr President  have been designated since 2015 to take over governance in the country and keep forever. Rotational presidency or respect to federal character have gone to the trash can. Nobody said a word, only murmurs on twitter street. They almost fooled President Buhari to believe Nigerians were happy with the re colonization agenda.


Remember his wife asked him to save Nigeria? She even played a save Nigeria music from the other room. Nobody saw what she had seen few days to the genocide. The wise men around Buhari had concluded plans and nothing could stop it. Video evidence and eyewitness reports are discarded as allegations, fake news just like the Kano governor bribe video. The only real video is the prison breaks, attacks on police facilities, lootings etc. Now you want to drop from the bus? Certainly not! Buhari’s bus has no bus stop, we ride or die!


Nigerians will now fall in line after the speechless speech. Soon people will need a government pass for interstate traveling. Gatherings for protest will be banned. Critical opinion against the government will be dealt with by firing squad or imprisonment. Street urchins will be recruited to handle emergency support for police when their help is required. Contents of social media will be monitored for compliance to pro government posts. Platoons of Ahmed Garba will be allowed to freely incite the northern  public into religious war if the presidency of Buhari is tested for incompetence. 


Buhari said change begins with you, he did not say get brain and courage to chain his change or change his change. Now police officers are smiling, especially the newly created SWAT because the president got their back. We owe Buhari an apology for even thinking he is a bad boy. Now we have said he is, we should be on the ground seeking his forgiveness. We cannot force him to apologize for what “unknown” soldiers did.


Ayegba Israel Ebije,

Is a media practitioner he

Writes from Canada

Can be reached via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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