Saturday, 24 October 2020 13:17

COVID-19 palliative: Edo youths invade warehouse, loot food items [VIDEO]

Youths in Benin City, Edo State capital, on Saturday stormed the government warehouse on Medical Store Road, Uselu, and looted the palliative items stored up in the warehouse.

The youths, who had earlier in the morning, been prevented by military personnel from carrying out the act, succeeded in breaking the human shield mounted by the military and entered the store in the hundreds.

No incident of shooting was recorded as the youths helped themselves to the food items in the warehouse.

Reports, however, indicate that a man allegedly died in an attempt to escape from the warehouse with his loot.

This was just as a lady was seen in one of the video recordings of the looted warehouse, bleeding profusely, as she was being carried by two men.

The lady in the weed had an injury on the back of her neck, though nobody knew how she came about the injury as the narrator did not disclose the source of the wound.

Sunday Tribune gathered that the man who allegedly died had gained access to the yCOVID-19 palliative warehouse through the rear opening created by the looters on the roof at the back of the warehouse.

Having taken his share of the items, it was further gathered that the man had attempted to exit through the same channel but lost his balance and fell headlong, hitting his head on the hard concrete and died instantly.

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