Saturday, 24 October 2020 12:04

Trump claims he ‘saved 2,000,000 lives from coronavirus’

The US President, Donald Trump has claimed to have ‘saved two million lives’ from coronavirus as he faced off with rival Joe Biden on Thursday, October 22.

He opened by saying: ‘So as you know 2.2 million people, modeled out, were expected to die.’

: ‘We were expected to lose, if you look at the original charts from original doctors who are respected by everybody, 2.2 million people. We saved two million people.’

The US has the highest death toll of any country in the world with 223,061 fatalities, according to the most recent data from John Hopkins.

Records show the country was never expected to lose two million people to Covid-19. Such an extreme projection was merely a baseline if nothing at all were done to fight the pandemic, which was never an option for health authorities in different states.

At a press briefing on April 1, Trump officials discussed their actual projection of 100,000 to 240,000.

The President said a few weeks later he was hopeful deaths would be kept under 100,000, claiming: ‘I think we’re doing better than that.’ He made numerous other inaccurate comments about coronavirus during the debate.

At one point, he claimed the country was ’rounding the corner’ and Covid-19 was ‘going away’ – despite daily cases rising from 42,300 on October 7 to 57,210 on October 21. 

Although the rise in cases can be partially put down to improved testing, the daily death toll also rose from 695 to 757 during the same time. The country reported 828 deaths on Thursday.

Both Trump and Biden spoke inaccurately about which parts of the country are worst-affected by the pandemic during the debate.

Daily Times reports that a fact check of both candidates by the Associated Press revealed that the first sentence Donald Trump said in last night’s final 2020 presidential debate, that he ‘saved two million lives’ from coronavirus, was not true.

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