Thursday, 24 September 2020 17:34

[OPINION] The Obaseki blowout in Edo poll - Ikechukwu Amaechi


"Oshiomhole, former governor of Edo and sacked APC national chairman, is quite a character.

Crabby, grouchy and pugnacious, the former Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) president loves picking fights, most times gratuitously. As the Smart Alec he thinks he is, he behaves as if he knows everything. And because he is Mr. Know-All, he is opinionated, intolerant and blinkered. Like every Smart Alec, he is irritating. Little wonder, to borrow a cliché, he is the best hated man in the APC today.

Oshiomhole’s APC-Obaseki-Iyamu odyssey echoes the allegory of the tortoise who embarked on an ill-advised trip.

Advice by friends who were apprehensive the trip would end badly was derisively rebuffed.

“Must you go on this journey?” they asked in a last ditch effort to save him from himself. The wily animal riposted affirmatively.

Exasperated, they made the final push. “If you have to go, when will you return?” Tortoise retorted: “Not until I am disgraced.”

That is exactly the story of Oshiomhole. Many who are celebrating the outcome of the poll are as happy for Obaseki’s triumph as they are over Oshiomhole’s humiliation.

Blinded by infantile hubris and quest for vendetta, Oshiomhole could not correctly interpret the handwriting on the wall even when he saw and read it. If he was perspicacious enough, he would have noticed that his antagonism and Obaseki’s forceful pushback burnished the governor’s political credentials.

Obaseki won the battle when he successfully framed it as a resistance against wannabe godfathers with itchy fingers. Most APC stalwarts in the state agreed with him."

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