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[OPINION] The voting public versus the politicians of Edo state and Nigeria at large - Emmanuel Osaigbovo

Elections have always been an event for the public to express their interest as to who will represent them at the various tiers of Government. In some occasion they succeed in doing so and the 2020  Edo state Governorship election was not an exception, for it has made clear the people’s choice.
As it is commonly said, the voice of the people is the voice of God, and going by this, the people has decided  in Edo state, and this seems to be so, even  long before the election and the declaration of the winner. Now these so called politicians opposing to this  voice has made for themselves enmity with the people and with God, but however God is merciful and no one can confidently say that about man.
Democratic politics has always placed the majority as the decider, also and equally created  opportunity for the greedy and irresponsible politicians already in the helm to confiscate the power, making it appear as the will of the people, this is political cosmetology.
The people of Edo state decision at the poll have made it clear who the real Edo state people is; the active federal, state and local Government civil servants, the Pensioners, the Market women and men, small and large scale Business owners, Transporters, Professionals, private sector employees, unemployed youths, artisans and their trainees, Entertainers, school teachers, clergies, school students of voting age, and others.
The Edo state people have never been the cultist, touts, drug dealers, arsonists, land speculators, irresponsible politicians and other undignified entities whose image has created  a role model for gullible and susceptible individuals, and sadly, been  used by these selfish politicians to confiscate the power of the people for their selfish goals.
It is only sad that the persons who are, and were once entrusted with power by the public, only for them to selfishly turnaround and attempt to betray and deny the people of their power and even go further to insult their sensitivity by caressing them to go against their hearts and conscience and when this turns out, nothing would mean well to the people.
Edo state people have succeeded in deciding and defining for herself a strong reputation of democratic consciousness  to the world and thanks to the enabling environment that was provided by the Federal Government through her security agencies, and the Independent National Electoral Commission, with the  support of Non Governmental Organizations and other interested Government of the world. This go further to buttress the fact that the role of an incumbent government to procure an  efficient successor lies in the transparency of the process that brings about the successor, this simply means allowing the will of the people.
In Edo state, a genuine victory has been recorded, and the winner of the contest must know to whom the victory belong; the people for sure! There would be little time to celebrate this success as the Edo people is yearning for more basic development.
The Nigerian state must always seek for the interest of the people in all elections, sectors and  in policy formulation and implementation. Hypothetically, this can bring relative peace and development to the people governed. Edo state people just casted the first dice and meeting their expectations will certainly be the indicator for a  good performance.
Congratulations to the incumbent and incoming Governor of Edo state, Congratulations to the people of Edo state, and even to the loser, as your interest, if sincere, was for the happiness of the people, and now the people are obviously happy.
Emmanuel Osarobo-AIGBOGUN

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