Saturday, 01 August 2020 11:20

Abia residents protest over release of Church of Satan founder - He remains banished from our community

Youths in Ohafia, Ohafia Local Government of Abia on Friday protested the release of Ifegwu Udo aka Lucifer, founder of the Church of Satan, Ebem Ohafia from detention, describing him a persona non grata to the community.

The police arrested Lucifer and 17 others and arraigned them before Justice E. Asiago of the federal High Court, Umuahia who granted the accused bail in the sum of N1 million each with two sureties in like sum, one of which must be a traditional ruler or recognised chief from Ohafia and a senior civil servant.

Justice Asiago also ruled that the addresses of the sureties must be verified to ensure that the accused present themselves in court for trial.


However, the third accused who is the founder of the Church of Satan could not get any traditional ruler or recognised Chief from Ohafia to surety him because of the sensitive nature of his case.

Following this, Lucifer’s lawyer, Ibeka approached the court for bail variation and the bail conditions was adjusted to include any traditional ruler or chief and civil servant from Abia State, not limited to Ohafia.

Investigations revealed that as a result of the adjustments, the family of Udo was able to get a surety from Umuahia, who signed the bail bond for his release.


Further investigations revealed that despite the fact that Lucifer, sensing he could not be welcomed back to Ohafia, moved to Okigwe, Imo State, yet youths in Ohafia protested on Friday, declaring him a persona non grata.

Speaking about the protest and banishment of Lucifer, the president of Ohafia youths, Obasi said, “After the incident in Ohafia in which the police station, high and magistrate courts were burnt, we discovered after investigation that the policeman who killed the trader apprentice that triggered the protest came out from Lucifer’s brothel where he got himself drunk before he shot dead the young man.

“Since he was arrested, calm returned to Ohafia, but on Monday we heard he (Lucifer) was released, the same day, an okada rider in Ohafia was killed and his motor cycle made away with. The youths then said if Lucifer could be released and the same day somebody was killed, it then means there will not be peace in Ohafia if he returns”. Obasi said since creation, nobody in Ohafia was known by the name Lucifer, adding that since the name was strange to Ohafia, it means the person bearing it is a stranger and “this is why the youths are saying no to Lucifer, they don’t want him again”.

Obasi said Ndi Ezie Ogo (ruling chiefs) in Ohafia were in support of what the youths are doing and have authorized them to deal decisively with Lucifer wherever he is seen in Ohafia.

“The Ezie Ogos are in total support of our action, we embarked on the peaceful protest to tell Lucifer he has been banished from Ohafia. We are saying no to Lucifer, he is a bad influence to youths in Ohafia.

The youth leader foreclosed any brokering of peace between Ohafia youths and Lucifer for now, insisting that if the founder of the Church of Satan could be pardoned and allowed to return to Ohafia, it will be after 10 years according to the custom of the people. “Ever since he was away, our people have been sleeping with their two eyes closed, so, there is no point wanting him back”, Obasi said.

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