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Supreme Court dismisses APC’s appeal in Rivers, ends party’s elections hope

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The Supreme Court has struck out an appeal brought by members of the All Progressives Congress challenging a decision of the Rivers State high court which nullified the congresses held by members of the APC in the state.

The decision means it is all settled that the APC will not field any candidate in Rivers State in the forthcoming general elections, except for the presidential polls.

The apex court made the decision after agreeing with factional members of the party that the contending issue was a pre-election matter which ought to have been brought earlier than the date it was filed.

The court gave the decision in a motion filed at the apex court, questioning the validity of the request which resulted in the Court of Appeal’s decision in February.

In a ruling on Tuesday, the apex court agreed with the submission of the applicant, who questioned the Court of Appeal decision on the basis of the fact that the appeal was decided later than the constitutionally approved time for a pre-election matter.

Following a decision of the Court of Appeal which ordered parties to suspend execution of the October 2018 High Court decision, which nullified the congress held by members of the party in the state, a faction of the party led by Magnus Abe approached the apex court to challenge the Appeal Court’s decision.

In an objection, the other faction objected to the request brought by the faction led by Magnus Abe on the grounds that the records of the Appeal were not certified.

The court, however, agreed with the Magnus Abe’s faction and ruled that the motion brought by the faction was meritorious.

The court, however, added that its reasons will be given at another date to be communicated to parties.

The court has also adjourned to give further decisions on other appeals before the apex court.

With this latest decision, the ruling nullifying the Congresses held by APC members in Rivers State remains valid.



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