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Lagos DPO tear gassed my eye for reporting a man who raped me” 15-year-old girl tells court

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Lagos DPO tear gassed my eye for reporting a man who raped me” 15-year-old girl tells court

A 15-year-old rape victim (name withheld) has told an Ikeja Special Offences and Domestic violence Court, Lagos that the Divisonal Police Officer (DPO) attached to Anthony Police Station tear gassed her eyes after reporting a rapist at the station.

The victim told the court that the DPO blamed her for allowing herself to be raped after she narrated how a 25-year-old employed man, Afis Akande raped her in front of his friend.

While being led in evidence by the State prosecuting counsel, Inumidun Solarin, the victim said that the DPO teargassed her eyes and also attempted to do same on her private part but she begged profusely before she was let go.

The minor, who was a JSS 2 student at the time of the incident said that the incident occurred on September 5, 2015 at a building construction site, Anthony Village.

Narrating her ordeal to the court, she said, “I attend Anthony Senior High School. As of 2015, I was 15 years old. I was in JSS 2 then and I know the defendant, Akande.

“I was on my way back from church and stopped at a shop to buy some items when I met Akande. He approached me and asked why I refused to answer him while he was calling me. I told him that I don’t answer people I don’t know.

“He then replied that he knows me very well including my mother and my uncle, and asked me to follow him to his house. He asked me to take whatever I wanted from the mallam’s shop that he would pay but I refused.

“When he pressed further, I finally agree and collected a sachet of milk. He paid for the milk. Thereafter he told me to come greet my uncle who he claimed was in his house and I agreed.

“He boarded a tricycle that took us to Westex in Gbagada. When we got there, we crossed over to a water corporation pipe. The place was looking strange and immediately I became scared and started wondering if he was a ritualist.

“So I fearfully asked him about my uncle but he said I shouldn’t worry that we are almost at his place. When we got to his place, I refused going inside the house, so I stood outside and asked him about my uncle. He didn’t reply but immediately grabbed my hand and started touching my buttocks and my breast.

“I started struggling to free myself and begged him to leave me or I would scream. But he wouldn’t listen. So I asked him to allow me go home but he dragged me to a corner at the compound, under a tree.

“I began struggling my pant with him while he was twisting my hand and using the other to remove my pant. When he finally succeeded, he raped me.

“After having sexual intercourse with me, I begged him to take me home but he still refused saying he wasn’t yet satisfied. On the process, a man whom he simply called ‘Emir’ walked in and I ran to him, half dressed, for help.

“I begged the man to help me but unknown to me, he was Akande’s friend. Akande told Emir that he wasn’t satisfied with the first round that he wanted more. Instead of Emir to help me, he told me that since his friend was unsatisfied that must allow him finish what he started,” she said.

The victim also said that she cried aloud but no one could hear her and that Akande’s friend also joined in touching her breast and buttocks which almost gave her a heart attack.

“Emir also touched my breast and buttocks. He told me to remove all my clothes so that his friend would get his due satisfaction. He even called me a prostitute and I told him I wasn’t.

“Akande then bounced on me again, removed all my clothes and had sex with me again.

“It was now a man, probably a neighbor, that came and rescued me. I now went to report at the Anthony police station.

“when I got to station and narrated what had happened to me, the DPO began to abuse me and called me a prostitute. The DPO said that I am a prostitute for following the man to his house. He said it was my fault.

“The DPO now brought out something (teargas) from his table and sprayed it into my eyes while abusing me with several names.

“He even wanted to apply teargas on my private part until I begged him with my whole heart and he left me. I was thereafter given a paper to write my statement and the matter was transferred to Panti.


“My mother was also invited to the station and made a statement too. I also wrote a statement at Panti,” victim narrates as she sobs.

After listening to the sorrowful testimony of the child, the defence counsel, Mr Worer Ogbugbaka told the court that he wants to withdraw his appearance from the case.

Justice Sybil Nwaka thereafter adjourned the matter till January 30 for continuation of trial.



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