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Lagosians scramble for explanations, as Dinosaur fossils surface in Lagos

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Typically West Africa isn’t one of the places you would expect to find a Dinosaur fossil. Previous discoveries of Dinosaur remains have been predominantly found in North America and China, with Canada boasting of a location with the most varieties of Dinosaur fossils at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta.


However, recent sightings of the skull of a yet-to-be-identified specie of Dinosaur in Lagos have now left scientists and baffled and hypothesis have began swirling on how this might be possible.


Archaeologists aren’t the only ones scratching their heads to understand this new development, as Lagosians have already started propagating (unfounded) theories that may explain these fossil sighting. From theories about deities, to alien invasions, the rumor mill is having a swell day with this story.


However, to better understand this recent development that has left the world stunned, let’s take a little backstory on Dinosaurs.


The large predators existed during the Triassic to the early Cretaceous era, between which the oldest species were suspected to have existed about 200 million years ago. These includes the king predator which was the Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-rex as it is popularly called in Sci-fi movies.


The reasons why these animals became extinct is often open to interpretation. Some believe a cataclysmic event occurred, wiping out almost all in existence. Others believe some Dinosaurs evolved into something else, and the ones that couldn’t evolve became prey to the evolved predators. Something like the adapt or die mantra!


Prior to these new findings, sightings of Dinosaur fossils in Africa have been few and far between. With various research being done to investigate the reason for the missing link between Africa and dinosaurs. Only a few fossils found in Egypt and South Africa had shown the slightest indications that dinosaurs had walked the African Land.

Now with this discovery of Dinosaur remains in Lagos, scientists are forced to question a lot that was previously known of the giant creatures. However, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Fossils are typically found in sedimentary terrain where large amounts of fauna will have been deposited. Parts of southwestern Nigeria including Lagos, Ogun and some parts of Oyo and Ondo are all part of the Eastern Dahomey basin which houses the Abeokuta & Ilesha formations are sedimentary environments.


The area in Lagos where the Dinosaur remains were found contain shale and clay intercalations which are ideal for preserving fossils for an extremely long period of time, provided all other favourable geological factors remain constant.


So when the geology is analysed, it really isn’t that surprising to find the Dinosaur fossils in Lagos. Still, we will keep our fingers crossed on this one as more information will be revealed once the fossils have been properly excavated.



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