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Political parties merger: Sowore distances self

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One of the Presidential aspirants in the 2019 general elections Omowole Sowore has distanced himself from the 39 political parties and movements led by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the Reformed – All Progressives Congress (R-APC) that announced the formation of a Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) to wrest power from the Buhari-led APC in 2019.

From the onset, Sowore and the TakeItBack Movement have made it clear that what they seek is a complete transformation of the Nigerian political process.

The solution to Nigeria’s problems, according to them, cannot be found with the same parties and persons who created and contributed to those challenges in the first place.

Sowore said that the PDP and the APC (or the R-APC) are two sides of the same bad coin. "For almost two decades, these two parties have been responsible for unbridled corruption and rapacious damage to Nigeria’s economy and her moral fabric.  The solution to Nigeria’s challenges cannot be found with any of these parties, or in any coalition of the desperate, that they put together".

The TakeitBack Movement and our convener, Omoyele Sowore, said that they cannot and will never be part of any coalition that includes these corrupt and morally bankrupt parties. "We are not so desperate to win that we would sacrifice our integrity, or the trust of the Nigerian people.

"The path of honour and integrity is a long, arduous and sometimes lonely one. We believe there are no short cuts to progress. We are committed to towing the path of honour – however lonely and challenging that path might be. We are convinced that the Nigerian people are not seeking to replace one set of thieves with another set of recycled rogues in 2019.

"The TakeitBack movement remains committed to working with progressive, people-oriented parties that are dedicated to the transformation and the progress of the Nigerian nation.

Sowore mentioned that  at the end of this month, he will announce the political party that the TakeitBack Movement will be using as a platform for the 2019 elections, as well as the members of our coalition of progressive parties and organisations.
Daily Trust
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