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Woman married for 10 years without child steals 3-week-old baby in Osun to please husband

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Police in Ogun were able to rescue a three-week old baby allegedly stolen by a 26-year-old lady identified as Bunmi Adebayo.

Bunmi was alleged to have stolen the baby, David Oluwaseun from her parents in Modakeke, Osun State over a week ago.

The suspect was said to be desperate for a baby of her own as she is without a child after 10 years of marriage.

Police boss in Ogun, Ahmed Ilyasu, while parading Adebayo on Tuesday, said she allowed her desperation get the better of her.

Ilyasu said Bunmi managed to deceive her husband, Gbenga Adebayo, that she was pregnant, despite that he visited her at intervals. She allegedly informed the husband that she had been delivered of a baby boy months after.

The elated husband, according to the police, became suspicious when Bunmi couldn’t produce the baby’s placenta. She also couldn’t breastfeed the baby in her husband’s presence and was said to have fled her home when she couldn’t stand the heat of her husband’s curiosity.

She was later found at Orile Imo area of the state, after her husband reported her disappearance to the police.

The baby has been rescued and reunited with his biological mother.



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