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Thursday, 23 June 2022 07:39

I Will Incorporate The Programmes Of Ekweremadu, Other PDP Aspirants — Mba

Peter Mba, an oil and gas magnate, is the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) governorship candidate in Enugu state. In this interview with journalists in Enugu, he speaks on what motivated him to contest for the governorship race, how he has impacted the lives of the people, his mission and vision for the people of the state among others. PATIENCE OGBODO-IWUAGWU brings the excerpts 

 Why are you contesting for the office of the Governor? 

I believe people are driven by a lot values in life, there are people who do things because of the value they placed on the material benefit they get from something, people also do things because of the satisfaction they get from doing certain things and there are people who are driven by transcendent value and that is where I fall in so when you are driven by transcendent value, it means that you are interested in how your decision and the things you do impact on others, it transcends you beyond self so what drove me is the fact that I want to serve my people and it’s beyond myself and beyond what I benefit as an individual , I want to serve my people to see how we can ensure that we lift them out of poverty. 


Can you tell how you have impacted to the lives of the people in the state? 

Before now, I’ve been in the public service as I’ve served as chief of staff and commissioner of finance in Enugu state but in the background , I have impacted immensely into the lives of my people as I also have the Peter Mba Foundation and it’s a very active charity organization that has touch a lot of lives, we also built several infrastructures, we built roads, we built signature hospital as well, massive hospital with over 40 beds. Aside of providing the infrastructures, we also make sure that that no patient who goes to the hospital is denied treatment because of lack of funds, we will continue to support the operational cost of running the hospital. We have also intervened in educational sector as well , we have paid school fees for a lot of students , we have a lot whole of interventions. I want to assure that Peter Mba foundation will continue to touch lives and we are currently intervening  in 6 communities where we engage with the communities, discuss with the leaders of the communities and agree with them the areas they want us to intervene. 

When do we get to a point where Nigeria will stop importation of oil? 

We are getting there, you know we currently have couple of refineries, we have the Dangote refineries, we have the Port Harcourt refinery,they are working on resuscitating the refineries, if you look at the production capacity of the dangote refinery and the port Harcourt refinery, if we could have these two refineries functional and also other refineries we have out there, we should be able to meet our consumption so that we don’t have to import, so it’s moving towards energy sufficiency in-terms of Clean Petroleum product, (CPP) government is actively encouraging people to invest in the refinery business and the market is also been subsidizes, so we are hoping to become sufficient not only on energy we consume but to also become a net exporter by the time all these refineries come on board. Also what I said about Pinacle, the facility we built is a resilience facility, it’s not just for import, it’s also for export as we use it both for import and export and there are a lot whole of other things we do with it so it’s a resilience infrastructure. 

Can you clarify if there is any issue with Pinnacle oil and EFCC? 


First of all, you have to recognize that Pinacle is a global brand, with the sort of partnership we have, if we had any issue with EFCC, we will not been talking with the partners we have, let me give you the snippet of the size of business we are talking about as I said Pinacle is a market leader in the country, it means we are bigger than the likes of Mobil, Oando, Conoil, that’s those names you know, it means we are bigger than them and when I say, we are market no 1, it means that for you to build the kind of infrastructure we have, we are talking about billions of dollars so we are not talking about mushroom company, it’s a cooperate company with the highest responsibility, we have core values, and our first core value is integrity and that’s what we are known for, , I don’t know how I can tell you that we are the market leader and you are talking about being broke , we are market leader in share and volumes, so what that means is that it speaks in volumes and volumes means cash flow and it means we have a good cash flow to sustain the business so it’s a very serious industry. Again to do the kind of project we did, it’s not something that you can replicate, it’s difficult to copy, it’s not like building a filling station, if you have money, you can go and build a filling station, that is what our competitors do, but Pinnacle is gazetted as Pinacle is a great asset. 

The former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu withdrew from the governorship race and pledged to support you, do you have any plan to accommodate some of his programmes if you emerge as the governor? 

The way this thing is run is very simple, when you are running for a political office, I believe we all have good intentions for our people and it’s possible for people who are in a race to withdraw so if you can be able to handle some of their mission projects they have in their manifesto, you are doing it for the well-being of the people. Some will even tell you that if you are ready to incorporate some of my programmes, I’m ready to support you and this is common when they are trying to show support to a preferred candidate and there is nothing wrong with that all we need to do is to find a way to accommodate the programmes they are passionate about. 

There are speculations that you were nominated by some past Governors in the state, how true is this, Do you have a godfather? 

We are blessed in this state because In the last 23 years of our democratic dispensation, Enugu state is one of the few states in the country that has been so lucky to have produced successful governors from one political party which is PDP. We have not had another party producing governor in Enugu state so what it means is that we have a super structure, a well constituted political structure, very cohesive political structure and that is why even during the primary election, we have over 17 aspirants who bought ticket to contest for the primaries in one political party, that tells you about strength of that party and there is always about strong leadership and we respect that leadership strongly, if what you are referring to is that do we agree that we have leadership in our party, yes, we do. We have leadership in our political structure and we respect that very strongly.


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