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I’ll have up to 12 wives before 40 - Portable brags

Apologises to Headies after police report for threatening co-nominees



Habeeb Okikiola, the fast-rising Nigerian singer better known as Portable, says he would have up to 12 wives before he clocks 40. 


The 27-year-old controversial musician spoke in a video shared via his Instagram page on Friday.

In the video, Portable boasted that he currently has six wives even though he is still below 30.

“I never reach 30, I don get six wives and plenty children. Before I reach 40, my housewives would be up to a dozen (12). I am not 30 and I already have six. I just want to inform you so you would be aware,” he said in a mixture of English and Pidgin.


Portable came into the limelight towards the end of 2021 on the back of his hit track ‘Zazoo Zeh’ featuring Olamide, the rapper, and Poco Lee, the dancer.

He was recently nominated for the ‘Rookie of the Year’ and ‘Best Street-Hop Artiste’ categories at the 2022 edition of the Headies.

While the singer has continued to enjoy fame, he has also made headlines for controversial reasons.


On Wednesday, Portable claimed his co-nominees at The Headies are no match for him. He also threatened to kill anyone who wins any of the categories in his place.

In it’s reaction, organisers of the annual awards on Friday threatened to disqualify the singer if he fails to retract his statement.


Portable Apologises to Headies after police report for threatening co-nominees


Portable has apologised to the organisers of Headies Awards 2022 for threatening co-nominees.

Portable’s apology is coming few hours after the organisers threatened to disqualify him.

Vanguard reports that Portable had takento his Instagram page on Wednesday and he made death threats to other artistes featured in the categories he was nominated in.

“Those are my awards, anybody else who wins I will ask for them to be killed. I will ask them to kill the person. If the organisers give my award to someone else, they will die,” he said in Yoruba. “No go give my award to another person, he go die o” 

Smooth Productions, however, made a report to the police as regards the concerning video and also warned the singer to retract his statement and make a written apology to his colleagues.

The statement read in part, “The Headies condemns such actions and is vehemently opposed to the utterance of any threats or actions that contravene our laws. We have notified the Nigerian Police Force of Okikiola’s actions to fellow nominees of the awards.

“Also, demand that the immediate retraction of the video from Mr. Okikiola’s social media platforms, as well as a written apology to the nominees of both categories and to the Headies, must be made. 

“Should Mr. Okikiola fail to meet our demands, we would not only disqualify him from participating in the Headies but also enforce the instrumentalities of the law to the fullest.”

Portable, however, took to social media to tender what could be described as a non-pology. 

“Headies, Headies, Headies, how many times did I call you, you invited a mad man and you will still see madness,” the singer said in Yoruba in his apology video.

In another part of the apology video, the singer referred to the organizers as “bros”

“Bros, no vex o, If I fuck up no be me first to fuck up,” the singer added.

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