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[#ICYMI] We will deliver Tinubu as your successor - APC govs tell Buhari

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[#ICYMI] PDP crisis: Fresh Atiku, G5 reconciliation bid suffers setback

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[#ICYMI] Why I Will Never Backs Same Faith Ticket – Dogara

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[#ICYMI] Morocco, Croatia earned $25 million, $27 million - Qatar 2022 World Cup prize money breakdown

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] Tinubu, Obaigbena feud: we are not deceived - Etim Etim

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] Buhari At 80: 12 Things Nigerians Need to Know - Garba Shehu

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] On Campaign Gaffes, Missiles and Banters - Simon Kolawole

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[#ICYMI] 2023: Apologize to Nigerians instead of campaigning – Atiku to Tinubu, APC

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[#ICYMI] [COMMENTS AND ISSUES] Public Disclaimer - Mike Ozekhome

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[#ICYMI] Argentina vs France: The French team were poisoned before World Cup final – Piers Morgan

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Ramaphosa re-elected as South African President under ANC

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2023: What’ll happen if BVAS machines fail at polling units during election – INEC

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CSO tasks govt to address social injustice, economic inequality

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Buhari has never stolen a kobo unlike others – Islamic group celebrates President’s 80th birthday

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KASTLEA to release all impounded motorcycles to owners

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Tell the world I’m back – Davido announces return after son’s death [Video]

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Ronaldo silent as rival Messi leads Argentina to World Cup glory in Qatar

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Qatar 2022: Pele is my GOAT, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo can’t rival him – Sunday Oliseh

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Qatar 2022: It’s a shame – Lineker slams FIFA for allowing Messi wear bisht during World Cup presentation

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U-20 AFCON: Flying Eagles coach gives conditions for inviting foreign-based players

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The management of Hilda Baci, the world record-breaking Nigerian chef, has stepped forward to address a widely circulated and contentious interview in which she allegedly broached the topic of her virginity.

Since this past Friday, swirling rumors on social media have insinuated that Baci had granted an interview discussing her “commitment to remain a virgin, despite being in a five-year relationship”.

The reports claimed that Baci had stated, “I might not be single, but I’ve been dating someone, and we agreed on no sex before marriage. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now, but no sex; I’m still a virgin”.


On the virtual streets of X (formerly called Twitter), users flocked to their pages to spill their thoughts on the purported interview, with a significant number expressing sheer astonishment.



However, during a recent conversation with TheCable Lifestyle, Baci’s management unequivocally refuted the alleged and widely circulated interview, asserted that she never granted such an interview.


The culinary sensation, Hilda Bassey, catapulted into stardom by masterfully shattering the world record for the lengthiest cooking marathon in May.

Her remarkable accomplishment involved an awe-inspiring 93 hours and 11 minutes of non-stop culinary artistry, ultimately securing her a coveted certification as the reigning record holder in June.

The Celebrity Chef recently turned a new age, and she threw a huge birthday for herself on Friday night, September 22.

Then, in July, she unveiled her grandiose aspiration to metamorphose her culinary marathon into a vibrant and sensational festival.

So, in terms of now making it into something, I want to make the ‘cook-a-thon’ turn into more like a festival that happens in probably in different countries,” she said in a viral Interview

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo continue to do what she knows best by unraveling questionable details about the late singer, Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi.

The veteran journalist who has been among the people clamouring for a DNA test to be conducted on late singer Mohbad’s son took to her X handle to make another heinous allegation against the widow.

Olunloyo held that Wunmi is the leading suspect as regards Mohbad’s death, stating that her source from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) told her that she planned his death from scratch.


She added that Wunmi has had sexual relations with all the men in the Marlian house, ranging from Naira Marley, Zinoleesky, to Sam Larry.


The controversial newswoman further accused Wunmi of being an active drug user while sharing a video of her accosting NDLEA personnel when they stormed their house to make an arrest.

In Kemi Olunloyo’s words:

“THREAD: ?Police are trying to unravel facts about the death of Nigerian musician Mohbad. “His wife Wunmi is the leading suspect who carefully planned his demise from scratch,” says my UAE ?? source. Wunmi had sexual relations with all the men in the Marlian house in the past 24 months. She reportedly slept with Naira Marley, Zinoleesky, Mohbad and Sam Larry. She’s an active drug user and you saw her in the NDLEA VIDEO attacking an agent. She was so high and disoriented shouting “shoot, shoot” while Seyi was calling her “Wunmi stop it” before the agent NEUTRALIZED her.
#Justice4mobhad #ripmohbad #kemitalks


(Typo) NEUTRALIZES her a term for when DRUG agents in many countries especially the @DEAHQ ??are trained to immediately kill any suspects who try to ATTACK them. Wunmi was lounging at the @ndlea_nigeria agent about to remove his cap possibly punching him in the head. She was incoherent, completely impaired and a danger to herself and everyone around her including the agents making arrests.
#Justice4mobhad #Kemitalks”

See the tweet below:


Mohbad’s mother has recently shed light on her son’s reasons for urging her not to eat at Naira Marley’s house before his demise.

During an emotional interview, she also disclosed troubling allegations of physical abuse her son endured during the production of his EP, despite her attempts to intervene.

Mohbad's mother shares her late son's concerns, allegations of abuse during visits to Naira Marley's house Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

In a candid conversation, Mohbad’s mother revealed that on her visits to Naira Marley’s home, her son expressed genuine concerns about her safety, cautioning her against consuming any food or wine offered to her.

She emphasized that Mohbad’s primary reason for visiting Naira Marley’s house was not to dine, as she often observed fasting routines in the mornings.

Furthermore, she revealed that she often chose to stay wherever her son stayed, declining offers to stay at hotels.

In her own words;

“Whenever I go to Naira’s house and I am given food, I won’t eat. Food is not why I went there, and I fast most times in the morning. My son would tell me not to eat it because he does not want me to die. He flushes the wine given to him too. He said he was signed for three years.”

Gospel artist Paul Nwokocha has opened up about his decision to remarry just one month after parting ways with his ex-wife, Alice.

The singer shared candid insights into his tumultuous marital journey, citing inspiration from his faith as a driving force behind his swift remarriage to Goodness.

Gospel Artist Paul Nwokocha addresses quick remarriage after divorce, reflects on marital struggles Gospel artist Paul Nwokocha alongside his new wife, Goodness.
Paul Nwokocha acknowledged the challenges he faced during his marriage with his ex-wife, Alice.

Following her departure from their marital home, he made the choice to enter into a new union with Goodness, a decision that has sparked both support and controversy.

In the video, Nwokocha expressed his deep faith and belief that he should not be alone.

He revealed that his religious convictions played a pivotal role in his decision to remarry.

Responding to the public backlash he has received since news of his remarriage broke, Nwokocha took to social media to address ongoing controversies and share his perspective.

He expressed gratitude towards his viewers, critics, and supporters, while raising thought-provoking questions about his ex-wife, Alice’s silence on the matter.

Nwokocha mentioned a conversation he had with Alice’s mother, who had warned her daughter about the consequences of mistreating her husband.

Furthermore, Nwokocha spoke about his interactions with welfare authorities in Obiakpor, where he resides, regarding his marital situation.

He encouraged those interested in the details of his case to reach out to the welfare office to gain a comprehensive understanding.

In his words;

“My name is Paul Nwokocha popularly known as Gospel Governor. I am the one that’s trending everywhere about my marital issue. I want to thank my viewers, my criticizers, those that speak ill of me and those that are on my side.

“I want to ask one question, ‘have you asked yourself why Alice has not said anything?’ or can’t ask Alice what did you do to your husband that made him to pack out of the house or ask her ‘Alice what did your mother tell you when she came to Port Harcourt.’ The mother said if I may tell you, ‘Alice it is when you look for this man who is by your side and you don’t see him again, you will know what you have done to yourself. This man you are maltreating by the time you look for him by your side and you don’t see him, you will know what you’ve done to yourself.’

“To those who are talking about I got married one month after Alice packed away, remember that this case has been in welfare port harcourt, Obiakpor precisely. Go to Obiakpor and ask them if this case, they know everything. When I explained to Obiakpor welfare what happened they asked if this things I’m saying happened in the dream or physically.”

Nigerian singer Korede Bello has broken his silence on his experience with Don Jazzy’s record label, Mavin Records.

In a recent heartfelt post on his X account, Korede Bello opened up about his deep appreciation and admiration for his former record label boss, Don Jazzy.



The “Godwin” crooner took to his social media platform to pour out his sentiments, expressing his admiration for Don Jazzy’s character both during their time together in Mavins and beyond.

Korede Bello’s tribute was filled with genuine gratitude and admiration for the iconic music producer.

In Korede Bello word;


And yes! Don J is a real one. Nobody’s perfect, but if there were only five people in the world who are close to perfection, then he is two of them. A truly special human being on many levels. I’m grateful for you boss, now and always. Take your flowers.”


@WadzaniApagu reacted: “Nothing will shake my love for D Don.”

@Realtonyblack1 reacted: “Loyalty is everything to me and you will surely get that banger again.”

@Kolskicoolzee said: “I love Don Jazzy, never heard anyone have anyone say anything bad about him. Had the pleasure of meeting him one time, he was really nice.”

@Osun said: “Nah Man you be.”

@vstarma1 commented: “That man always create another man.”

@Elliotcute reacted: “He don try and loyalty is everything.”

@nigerianpollz commented: “Good to know you feel this way about your record label boss. The issues with music industry in this country is too much.”


The ongoing legal tussle between President Bola Tinubu and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar over his Chicago State University academic records has taken a new twist after a self-acclaimed classmate of the former Lagos Governor, Olajide Adeniji, swore to an oath that he knew him.

Adeniji testified in a United States district court that he knows and contested against Tinubu as President of Accounting Society Club at the Department of Business Admin/Accounting in the same alma mater.

The development is coming two weeks after a public affairs analyst, Durojaiye Ogunsanya, also claimed to be a coursemate to the Nigerian president.

Ogunsanya, who featured on TVC’s popular breakfast show ‘This Morning,’ testified that they both graduated from the Department of Accounting and Business Administration in 1979 at the same university.


In the oath taken on September 23 at the Northern District of Illinois Court in Chicago, Adeniji swore to an affidavit that he was familiar with the same Tinubu who is the current president of Nigeria.

His affidavit read, “I, Olajide Adeniji, after having been first duly sworn upon oath, do hereby state that I am over 21 years of age, that I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein, and could competently testify thereto if called upon to do so: I attended Chicago State University, Chicago, Illinois from 1977 to 1979 when I graduated with a degree in Business Administration/Accounting in 1979.

“I am familiar with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is now the President of Nigeria. I was a student at Chicago State University from 1977 to 1979 and Bola Tinubu and I were in the same course of study.


“I also ran in a closely-contested race against and Bola Tinubu for the Leadership of Accounting Society Club of the Department of Business Administration/Accounting. I also recognize and know the person who I attended Chicago State University with, Bola A. Tinubu, is the same person who is now the President of Nigeria. Pursuant to 28 U.S.C 1746, I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct”

Atiku had secured an application for CSU to make the president’s academic records available to his legal team.

Acting on the application, a magistrate, Jeffrey Gilbert, had ordered Tinubu’s alma mater to provide all relevant and non-privileged documents to the applicant within two days.

Atiku is currently challenging the victory of the former Lagos State governor at the 2023 presidential poll and his recent affirmation by an election petition court in Nigeria.

The documents sought by the PDP candidate, through his counsel, Angela Liu, include the record of admission and acceptance at the university, dates of attendance including degrees, awards and honours attained by the former governor of Lagos State at the university, among others.

But Tinubu, on Monday, pleaded with the US district Judge, Nancy Maldonado, to order Chicago State University to protect his privileged information such as admission records, transcripts and gender and release only his certificate to the legal team of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

The motion to preclude other documents was filed by the president’s lawyer, Christopher Carmichael, who stressed that ‘the most critical fact has already been clearly and unequivocally established’ by his alma mater.’


University lecturers under the aegis of Congress of University Academics, CONUA, Tuesday charged the Federal Government to initiate fresh move to increase their salaries again.

It would be recalled that the FG recently announced implementation of 35 percent and 25 percent salary increment for University lecturers.

CONUA in a statement issued by its National President, Dr. ‘Niyi Sunmonu, made available to newsmen by its National Secretary, Dr. Henry Oripeloye, said the increment was initiated before the removal of fuel subsidy following complaints from lecturers over non increment of their salaries for years.

According to CONUA, the federal government has done well for looking at the direction of lecturers but the union will continue to interact with the government on the need to increase the salaries again to meet the realities on ground in the country.

“We have seen the memo from the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission (NSIWC) on the implementation of 35% and 23.5% salary increment for staff of tertiary institutions. CONUA applauds the efforts of the present government for implementing this salary increment at this material time.

“As a union, we also acknowledge the efforts of the former Minister of Labour, Senator (Dr.) Chris Ngige who discussed this matter  with CONUA delegates on 03 May 2023 after the court sitting when CONUA delegates met with him to further discussion on welfare, backlog of salaries and other issues of the Union.

“In the meeting, CONUA delegates lamented the stagnation of salaries and in the response of the immediate past Minister, he said the only offer on the table and which the government is committed to paying is the offer announced by the immediate past Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu announced in September 2022 in the State House.

“CONUA delegates then pressed the immediate past Minister of Labour and Employment to raise that of the non-professorial cadre to 25%. After much discussion on the matter and others, the Minister promised to raise this with relevant organs of government, and that possibly, payment could commence in May 2023.

“While appreciating the government for looking at the direction of academics for this award, we have noticed that this award was done before the removal of subsidy and we will continue to interact with government on post subsidy removal increment of academic salaries to meet with the present economic realities.

“Therefore we will continue to engage  the government as we advocate for a better salary for lecturers in the Nigerian universities in order to boost the morale of academics while at the same time reducing the scourge of brain drain from the institutions”, it reads.



A former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has stated that the All Progressives Congress-led government has set Nigeria 40 years backwards economically.

He lamented that the APC has wiped out all the gains the country made in 35 years.

The former Emir of Kano made the claim in a trailer for an interview with Rufai Oseni of Arise TV.

He argued that based on Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita on a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) basis between 1980 and 2023, the economic gains the country made were wiped out between 2014 and 2019.

“Let me give you an idea, when we look at the numbers we see how bad things are. If you look at the World Bank development indicators, in 1980, on a PPP basis, our per capita GDP was, I believe, $2,180. In 2014, it had risen to $3,099, a 50 percent rise. In 2019, our GDP per capita, on a PPP basis was down to $2,229. At this rate, by 2023, on a per capita basis, we would be back to where we were in 1980. We have been set back 40 years. Look at the fall between 2014 and 2019, all the gains made in 35 years between 1980 and 2014 were wiped out,” he said.

This is not the first time the former Emir is criticising the APC-led Federal Government for being responsible for Nigeria’s economic woes.

During a recent virtual religious event, Sanusi said the administration of the immediate past president, Muhammadu Buhari, ignored his advice on how to move Nigeria forward.

He said he had to deviate from the religious theme of the event to remind Nigerians about his stand on the badly managed economic policies of the immediate past administration of Buhari and that everything in Nigeria in the last eight years was done on the basis of debt and that no country will survive in that kind of economic policy.

The Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led federal government has declared Wednesday, September 27th, as a public holiday.

Naija News reports that the federal government declared the holiday in commemoration of Eil-ul- Maulid celebration, the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him.).

The holiday was made known by the Minister of Interior Dr Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo in a statement on Monday night on behalf of the government.

The Minister, in a statement by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Dr Oluwatoyin Akinlade, congratulated Muslim faithful at home and in the diaspora for witnessing this year’s occasion.

He admonished Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of love, patience, tolerance and perseverance which are deep spiritual virtues that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) exemplified.

Tunji-Ojo urged youths to embrace hard work and peaceful dispositions to fellow citizens irrespective of faith, ideology, social class and ethnicity.

He called on them to join hands with President Bola Tinubu to build a progressive country.

Famous Nigerian music artist, Seun Kuti, has slammed Nigerians criticising the father of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, better known as Mohbad, over the hasty burial of his son.

Naija News recalls that Mohbad died on September 12 at age 27 and was buried a day after the tragic incident in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

The immediate burial created a buzz on social media as fans and netizens bashed Mohbad’s father for burying him without proper investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death.

Responding to critics, Seun Kuti, in an interview with media personality, Nedu on ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, said Mohbad‘s father is faced with condemnation due to poverty playing a significant role in the situation.

He questioned why any sane father would want to keep his dead son’s corpse for days.

According to him, if someone like Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola, had taken the same decision, it wouldn’t have stirred such backlash from Nigerians, as people would pay him a condolence visit.

He added that Nigerians are criticising Mohbad’s father due to his financial status instead of consoling him during this difficult time.

He said in Pidgin, “In this whole Mohbad issue, poverty is playing a big role. People are saying na Mohbad papa kill am because he buried him early. Who wan dey look his son dead body for 2, 3 days.

“If na Otedola pikin die and he bury am overnight, wetin anybody go talk here? no be sey una go dey give am condolences visit for house?

“Instead of us to be consoling the man, we are making him evil that can kill his son. Somebody that just lost his child. You like the boy pass am na hin dem dey bully the boy all these days and you no talk anything.”

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