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[#ICYMI] We will deliver Tinubu as your successor - APC govs tell Buhari

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[#ICYMI] PDP crisis: Fresh Atiku, G5 reconciliation bid suffers setback

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[#ICYMI] Why I Will Never Backs Same Faith Ticket – Dogara

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[#ICYMI] Morocco, Croatia earned $25 million, $27 million - Qatar 2022 World Cup prize money breakdown

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] Tinubu, Obaigbena feud: we are not deceived - Etim Etim

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] Buhari At 80: 12 Things Nigerians Need to Know - Garba Shehu

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] On Campaign Gaffes, Missiles and Banters - Simon Kolawole

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[#ICYMI] 2023: Apologize to Nigerians instead of campaigning – Atiku to Tinubu, APC

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[#ICYMI] [COMMENTS AND ISSUES] Public Disclaimer - Mike Ozekhome

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[#ICYMI] Argentina vs France: The French team were poisoned before World Cup final – Piers Morgan

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Ramaphosa re-elected as South African President under ANC

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2023: What’ll happen if BVAS machines fail at polling units during election – INEC

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CSO tasks govt to address social injustice, economic inequality

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Buhari has never stolen a kobo unlike others – Islamic group celebrates President’s 80th birthday

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KASTLEA to release all impounded motorcycles to owners

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Tell the world I’m back – Davido announces return after son’s death [Video]

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Ronaldo silent as rival Messi leads Argentina to World Cup glory in Qatar

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Qatar 2022: Pele is my GOAT, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo can’t rival him – Sunday Oliseh

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Qatar 2022: It’s a shame – Lineker slams FIFA for allowing Messi wear bisht during World Cup presentation

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U-20 AFCON: Flying Eagles coach gives conditions for inviting foreign-based players

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- spills dirty secrets about singer


Prominent Nigerian music promoter Bayowa has taken a vigorous stance in an effort to vindicate his reputation against a barrage of allegations put forth by his former protege, Busola Oke.

Bayowa expressed sheer astonishment that, after the passage of an entire decade since her departure from his company, the gospel singer has chosen this moment to voice her grievances.

He insinuated that she might be attempting to garner attention by intertwining her narrative with the unfortunate demise of Mohbad.


In his narrative, Bayowa vehemently asserted that he nurtured Busola’s career from its humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success, all without any involvement of a romantic or amorous nature.


He underscored the fact that she subsequently collaborated with various other individuals in the industry after parting ways with him.

Adding further fuel to the fire, Bayowa divulged that, during her 2019 tour in the United Kingdom, the gospel singer was romantically entangled with a married London-based promoter, leading to tumultuous repercussions within the promoter’s marital life.

While remaining tight-lipped about specific details, Bayowa adamantly contended that Busola is the mastermind behind her own predicaments. He extended a fervent appeal to her to retrace her steps and regain her footing in the music industry.


Excerpt from his post read:

With God on my side, I brought BUSOLA OKE ELEYELE UP from nobody to somebody without dating or seeing her nakedness. From Grass to Grace. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. She left my promotion and marketing company about ten or eleven years ago after buying her another car, and I never bothered or chased after her to come back.

She has produced about 3 albums for other marketers, She produced about 5 albums marketed by herself within the period she left Bayowa Films. So why crying and calling for my head now after about ten years that I saw her last? ” 


MTV Base, a popular British music channel, has recently banned Marlian music following the death of the late singer, Mohbad.

This decision comes after a string of controversies surrounding the death of their signee, Mohbad and the connection it has with the Marlian music boss, Naira Marley.

Since the death of Mohbad, Video evidences have pointed out Naira Marley and his goons continuously harassing the late singer.

Within Nigeria reports that Mohbad, died mysteriously on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

Following the video evidences and speculations A “Not to Be Broadcast” (NTTB) ban on all music from the Records Label has been imposed by various national radio stations in the wake of the singer’s contentious passing.

A staff member of the MTV music station and prominent TV host, Ehizojie Okoeguale, aka DadaBoy Ehiz, made the news on Wednesday, adding to the expanding number of music outlets that have banned Marlian music.

In a post shared on his X, Okoeguale wrote: “MTVbase dropped everything Marlian. Kudos to dem.”

The nurse who treated late Nigerian rapper, Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, aka Mohbad before his passing has been apprehended.

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, made this in a video on her Instagram page on Wednesday night.

She made the disclosure while briefing fans about her visit to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police and the progress on the police investigation of Mohbad’s death.

She said other arrests have also been made by the police.

Ojo said, “The police have made some arrests [in connection with Mohbad’s death]. The nurse has been arrested. That I know. That’s the only information I can give you right now.

“They have arrested some people. They are asking some people to turn themselves in.”

Within Nigeria recalls that Mohbad died in a controversial manner on September 12, 2023.

His father, James Aloba had said in an interview that he suspects the auxiliary nurse who injected Mohbad before he died, stressing that the injection might have complicated his son’s health.

A university student, Blessing Karami who was declared missing on September 11 has been found dead.

The family broke the news to THE WHISTLER on Wednesday evening.

The deceased who was a student of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), was declared missing after leaving her place of work in Garki, Abuja.

Disclosing the news to this paper, Genesis Moses Karami, the deceased’s elder brother who relocated from Kaduna to Abuja to lead the search said her decomposing body was found in the bush in Karmo district of the Federal Capital Territory.

The police had arrested one Aminu, the boyfriend to the deceased who was questioned regarding her disappearance.

Recall THE WHISTLER reported that the 26-year-old Blessing went missing after leaving her place of work before time with the office key, which was said to be usual.

Our Correspondent had visited the Divisional Police Headquarters, Durumi, on Wednesday morning where Aminu was being held.

Karami was also at the station explaining to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), that on Tuesday evening when he left the station, he received a strange call giving details about the sister’s body but it turned out to be false.

“The caller said he saw a female body in Idu, so we asked him to describe what she was wearing, and he told us exactly what we were told my sister wore to office the day she went missing,” the brother had explained to the police.

According to Karami, after he kept trying to contact the DPO and it was not going through, he had to go to the police station at Karmo, but upon reaching there with a group of policemen, the caller kept toying with them as he kept changing locations until they got tired and left.

In a follow up call later to Karami, he confirmed to THE WHISTLER that his sister has truly died.

“We saw her decomposed body in the bush here at Karmo, it’s not something we can move, we have to arrange with the environmental people to come and help us pack.

“We cannot travel with it. We just have to bury it here. It seems she died for days due to the nature of the decomposition,” Karami said sadly while trying to sound strong.

Attempts to speak with the FCT Police command were unsuccessful.

Also Hope Jonathan, one of the police officers that handled the case at Durumi police station, before it was transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Development, could not be reached as of press time.

The lead pastor of Fountain of Life Church, Lagos, Jimmy Odukoya, has defended his decision to wear dreadlocks, saying it does not affect his pastoral calling or violate the Bible.

Jimmy was last Sunday announced as the senior pastor of the church by the ministry’s board of trustees following the death of his father, Taiwo Odukoya in line with his wishes.

Shortly after his announcement as new pastor, social media users widely commented on his movie roles as an actor and his dreadlocks and looks generally.

But speaking in an exclusive interview with the BBC on Wednesday, Jimmy explained that several personalities in the Bible had long hair and beards.

He maintained that people’s personal opinions about his dreadlocks differ from what constitutes sin.

“As for my dreads, that matter is long. People don’t know that everything i do, i can back it up with scripture, everything I do is in the Bible. Let’s look at the Bible, do you want to tell me that long hair is wrong? You know God told Samson not to cut his hair. It’s still the Bible. That means, long hair is not a bad thing.

“About beards, the Bible said when they were torturing Jesus, they pulled his beard from his face. If Jesus did not have beards, which beards did they pull.

“Pastor is wearing earring? Go to the book of Exodus when the children of Israel left Egypt, they wanted to do golden calf, Aaron collected rings, earrings from the sons and daughters of Israel. If you like short hair, no problem,” said the pastor.

Jimmy maintained that regardless of his acting in Nollywood and Hollywood, God called him and he considers the new position a big responsibility.

Highlighting his pastoral journey, he said he started out pastoring the youth church of the ministry founded by his father since 2012.

” I was ordained as a minister since 2009, its not today. Then I was ordained as a pastor in this church, 2012. So 2012, I was the lead pastor of the youth church till about 2020,for those who know, they know and for those who don’t know, no problem but I’ve been in this ministry as a licensed minister since 2009,” Jimmy added.

The cleric maintained that nothing shakes him anymore having lost his parents, aunty, grand parents; describing them as the closest people in his life.

He eulogized his later father saying he embodied energy and vitality despite losing his two wives, his mum, Bimbo and his stepmom, Nomthi.

“I think through it all, my father, when he remarried, he said let’s move on with life but that one too, died.The constant in all of these is my father, he was a strong man, he was full of life and energy,” Jimmy said.

On whether he intended to abandon acting for full time ministry, his response was “once an actor is always an actor,” adding God will figure it out for him.

As announced by the board of trustees, Jimmy’s installation as his father’s successor will take place on September 30.

The management of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, has denied allegations that one of its house officers, Dr Michael Umoh, died after a marathon 72-hour call.

The Chief Medical Director of the federal teaching hospital, Prof Lanre Adeyemo, speaking with our correspondent also said he had yet to receive the purported internal memo that had been circulating online, attributing the death of the house officer to a three-day call at the hospital.

Recall on Tuesday, an internal memo with the letterhead of the Association of Resident Doctors, LUTH branch, was leaked online and attributed Dr Umoh’s death to having worked a three-day non-stop shift in the Neurosurgery Department.

The memo addressed to LUTH’s CMD and dated 19th of September alleged that Umoh had after ending his call on Sunday morning, prepared for a church service same morning only to die shortly while in church at about 11am.

The letter also alleged that one of the most challenges the house officer face was being bullied by senior colleagues while also lamenting the “stressful call hours without breaks in-between, no call food, no good accommodation.”

The letter which had no signature then requested that house officers who worked the previous day be allowed to work half day the next day or resume work mid-day of the next day.

It also requested that house officers should not be made to work 48 hours at a stretch amongst other work friendly demands of them.

But Prof Adeyemo told our correspondent that the narrative that the deceased house officer worked three days straight was a lie and that he was not at work on Saturday nor the Sunday he died.

In a telephone conversation with our correspondent, the professor said, “It is unfortunate the young man died. He didn’t die in the hospital, he died outside the hospital but the narrative of 72 hours (work) is not true but you know we can’t be talking about that when someone just died.

“I just had a meeting with the head of Department and Neurosurgery Unit, the evidence provided to me didn’t show that. How they got the narrative of the 72 hours; honestly, I don’t know.

“Those who pushed out the narrative for whatever reason have realised it’s an error on their part. They family is grieving, the hospital is grieving.”

Also speaking, the leadership of the LUTH branch of the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors led by Dr Kemi Abiloye also denied the letter originating from them, adding that they were not aware of such a letter until its circulation online.

The association stated this was a difficult time for the hospital and the association, describing the late Umoh as “a very promising young man.”

According to the ARD president, some people were playing politics with the young man’s death.

She also explained that the association only learned of the letter online and had made inquiries into the offices of the hospital to ascertain where it was but couldn’t find the purported letter.

Abiloye said, “He didn’t do 72 hours call as claimed online and that letter as the gen sec said, the association resident doctors of LUTH Teaching Hospital does not know about it and we can also confirm that the letter was not submitted to who it was addressed to.

“When we saw it online we went to the administration, CMD’s office, CMAC’s office, they searched and couldn’t find it.”

Speaking with our correspondent at the ARD office in LUTH, the association’s Secretary General, Dr Adedotun Adesiyakan, added that what was more disturbing was that “the critical information that was put there was either half-truth or were deliberate. In fact those half-truths are more dangerous than the lies there.”

Adesiyakan explained that Umoh, “was a doctor serving in the Surgery Department, Neurosurgery. He was not the only one in his unit. They were three in his cadre and the arrangement they made among themselves to ensure that the work is well distributed is to have periods of calls interspersed with periods of rest.

“He had two days of call and four days of rest and that was the plan. What we can say is that he was called on Thursday and Friday. His parents even reported that they saw him on Saturday at home.

“He was in church on Sunday morning. Preached in church on Sunday morning and unfortunately slumped after preaching at about 11am. There would be questions for his background health status but we’d leave that for the family.”

Adesiyakan admitted however that the brain drain in the health sector is taking a huge toll on the health of the serving doctors.

Last modified on Thursday, 21 September 2023 09:37

A Chinese national has sparked outrage after allegedly abandoning his Nigerian lover and their mixed race child in Ogun State, Nigeria.

According to a video circulated online, the man identified only as Mr Wang reportedly met Tope Iyabo while working for a company in Nigeria.

The two entered into a relationship and had a son together.

However, Mr Wang recently informed Iyabo he no longer wanted to continue the relationship. Shockingly, he then made an offer to purchase their child from the distraught mother.

The viral video shows a tearful Iyabo cradling her young son and lamenting being left to raise the child alone. She accused Mr Wang of heartlessly abandoning his paternal responsibilities.

The story has generated anger among Nigerians, with many condemning the foreigner for his insensitive conduct towards his Nigerian partner and innocent child. Critics say it reflects poorly on commitments made by some expatriates towards local women and offspring produced in such relationships.

Authorities are being urged to compel Mr Wang to fulfill his duties by supporting Iyabo and their son financially and emotionally. The perceived exploitative attitude is reigniting debates on balancing rights in Nigeria’s growing mix of interracial unions.

Tweeps have taken to X to share their thoughts on the death of a young doctor, identified as Dr. Umoh Michael, who died on Sunday after allegedly working 72 hours non-stop.

According to reports, Michael died during a church service at the United Evangelical Church on September 17. He was said to have worked a 72-hour non-stop shift at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, where he was a resident doctor.

Doctors under the aegis of the Association of Resident Doctors, LUTH chapter, in a letter addressed to the Chief Medical Director, LUTH, Prof. Wasiu Lanre Adeyemo, attested to the fact that the young doctor was overworked.

They claimed Michael returned home at about 3:00 a.m. Sunday after a 72-hour shift in the hospital, adding that he had barely slept in their apartment before that day.

The statement partly read, “We the house officers are in deep grief over the loss of our colleague, a co-house officer (Dr Umoh Michael) who died on 17th September, 2023, after having a 72hrs call in the Neurosurgery Unit.

“He is said to have been on call 72hrs before arriving home on Sunday morning to get set for church service, reaching his worship center (United Evangelical Church) where he slumped in the church at about 11 am.”

“His roommate attested to the fact that Umoh Michael had barely slept in their apartment over the past one week as he was always on call or the day he returned home was around 3 a.m. after surgeries and other activities in the Neurosurgery Unit.”

Reacting to the sad incident, LUTH’s Public Relations Officer, Omolola Fakeye, who spoke on an online platform (not PUNCH) Online said, “It is not true that anybody worked for 72 hours. I have not been briefed about his death.

“We were at a programme yesterday (Monday), but I will find out; I can’t say anything now. I will check the medical report of what could have happened because anybody can say anything, but the medical report will show us what happened.”

Tweeps have since taken to X to share their thoughts on the alleged inhumane treatment meted out to the doctors.

A tweep, drfynrekins, tweeted, “I salute my Hippocratic colleague & wish him farewell on his journey to the great beyond. I hope #nmanigeria would come out strongly and protect these young doctors. These deaths are devastating and unacceptable, and it would further deplete the numbers of those practicing in Nigeria and discourage those still in medical school. Unfortunately, the young doctors are the ones bearing the brunt of the decay in the healthcare system in Nigeria but this trend must be stopped.”

Another X user, Doingood, tweeted, “We all need to be resting. Employers should please help us. May his Soul RIP .”

OgechukwuChime tweeted, “He is taking care of others and forgot to take care of himself.”

Kuwait_magic also tweeted, “He lost his own life in the process of saving other people’s lives. God knows I can’t be this good. I no fit die to make you live.”

Camax3000 wrote, “Overworked, Rest in Peace.”

Mazi_Ibem tweeted, “Lagos State Government should get more doctors from the already saturated labour market to assist. The daily pressure these doctors go through affects their health as well.”

JoelUdanyi also wrote, “This is sad. Result of a health institution being understaffed…if not what else?”

“In a sane environment, it is a crime to work more than 11:30. You are entitled to 1-hour break as well,” Kasalimi2029 tweeted.

Busola Oke, the Nigerian gospel sensation known as Eleyele, has publicly called out her music marketer, Gbenga Adewusi aka Bayowa Films, accusing him of withholding her music earnings in retaliation for her rejection of his advances for a sexual relationship.

Eleyele took to her TikTok platform for a live session to express her condolences for the late singer Mohbad. This somber occasion prompted her to candidly reveal the less-than-pleasant encounters she has endured in the music industry.

The talented songstress revealed that following Bayo Films’ betrayal, during which he unlawfully confiscated her earnings from the numerous hit songs she produced under his management, she was compelled to sell her assets and endured substantial financial losses from which she is yet to fully recover.


Reflecting on her initial collaboration with Bayowa and the subsequent release of numerous tracks marketed by him, Busola Oke shared her conviction that the film practitioner will inevitably face the repercussions of his actions.

The aggrieved singer lamented that if not for Bayowa’s heartless and insatiable greed, she should have achieved substantial wealth and recognition by now.

Busola emphasized that the prevalent pattern of music executives and professionals exploiting and profiting at the expense of young, aspiring artists is what tragically led to Mohbad’s demise and nearly brought her own career to ruin as well.

She also mentioned that the only thing she didn’t forfeit was her decision to abstain from a physical relationship or intimate encounter. Busola reteirated her refusal to let him exploit her body in the same way he took advantage of her intellectual property.


Interpreting her passionate outbursts in Yoruba, Eleyele candidly and partly reveals:

Bayowa has my earnings; he is enjoying life with it. He is using my sweat to enjoy life. He is profiting from my hard work.”

“Only God will judge you, Bayowa. You’re wicked and heartless. The only thing I didn’t lose is that we didn’t have a physical relationship or sleep together.”

“I refused to allow you to take advantage of my body the way you exploited my intellectual property. I’m glad I’m not like that.”

Last modified on Wednesday, 20 September 2023 17:44

The Federal Government has appealed to students to refrain from disrupting the already-fixed academic curriculum following the protest against the over 300 per cent increase in school fees across universities in the country.

The Minister of State for Education, Dr Tanko Sununu, made the appeal in Abuja on Wednesday when the leadership of the Congress of University Academics (CONUA) paid him a courtesy visit.

THE WHISTLER reports that the University of Lagos, Ambrose Ali University, Obafemi Awolowo University, and the University of Maiduguri had reviewed their tuition fee by over 300 per cent.

This development led to series of protests by students of the universities.

The President of CONUA, Niyi Sunmonu during his address warned that there could be unrest occasioned by the new increase in school fees. This, according to him, could disrupt academic activities and the school calendar.

Responding to CONUA, the education minister pleaded with students, parents, and lecturers in public tertiary institutions to shun all acts that are capable of disrupting the academic session, as schools get set for resumption.

He said, “The show of restraint would be in the best interest of all stakeholders as well as the stability of the system.

“The education ministry is having constructive dialogue and consultation with stakeholders over the welfare of students, staff as well as the provision of infrastructure in the nation’s tertiary institutions”

Sununu assured students of President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to avoid any situation that could lead to further industrial actions affecting the required education period.

Recall that ASUU had warned the FG of the dangers associated with the 300 per cent increase in school fees across tertiary institutions in the country.

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