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 [WATCH] Inibehe Effiong And The Threat of Buhari's Impeachment - Reuben Abati
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[WATCH VIDEO] Inibehe Effiong And The Threat of Buhari's Impeachment - Reuben Abati








 [WATCH] Nigeria's Aviation Sector Crisis - Reuben Abati 

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[WATCH] Lessons For Nigeria From Sri Lanka's Crisis - Reuben Abati
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[WATCH] INTERVIEW: 2022 Hajj And Sallah Day with (Adedoyin Abibat Kukoyi) - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Exit of Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, CJN - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Political Dynasties: Politicians Perpetuating Selves In Power - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Lessons From JUNE 12 And The Future - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Rebellion At The Apex Court Of Nigeria - Reuben Abati
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Ogun state governor, Dapo Abiodun, has refuted media report that he ordered the arrest and detention of a blogger, Ahmed Olamilekan, over a purported publication against his person.


A national daily (not Blueprint) had reported that Olamilekan, according to his lawyer, had spent 100 days in the custody of the Correctional Service, at the behest of the governor.

But in a statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Kunle Somorin, the arrest and detention of the blogger has nothing to do with Governor Abiodun.

The statement expressed dismay at the publication of the report which it described as “untrue and a deliberate attempt to shade the governor in bad light”.

Somorin said Governor Abiodun holds human rights and the rule of law in high esteem, adding the governor will not at any time act above the law.

He added that the matter is already before the court of law, pointing out that the governor, who has a strong belief in the concept of separation of power, will never hinder or influence the judiciary process.

Somorin, in the statement, urged the people to dismiss the allegation of the blogger’s lawyer as reported in the national newspaper, stressing that “It is strictly a matter between the defendant, security agencies and the court,” the statement said.


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Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, aka Mr. Ibu has opened up on his recent sickness that nearly killed him.

After his sickness, it was learnt that Ibu went into searching for the cause of his sickness and some discoveries were made, which made him come out recently to tell his teaming fans some of his discoveries.

According to him, it was actually someone he helped in the past who poisoned him, wanting him to die.

Furthermore, he says: “These days, I am usually skeptical because I later found out that it was somebody I had helped in the past who poisoned me and If not for God, the result would have been bad. As I speak with you now, I am still being treated somewhere in Guzape, in Abuja.”

“I expect the Federal Government to act on this. Whether we like it or not, we actors are serving the government. The movies we make are for the benefit of the general public. If the government wants to better protect us, they can do it.


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Renowned novelist, Chimamanda Adichie has said that the words – troublesome and innovative have their pride of place in the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

Adichie delivered the keynote address on Monday at the 62nd edition of the NBA Annual General Conference held at the Eko Atlantic City, Lagos.

DAILY POST reports that the conference had the theme: “Bold Transition”.

She made a distinction between the words – troublesome and disruptive.

According to Adichie, both words are often used to describe negative emotions, whereas they can also describe positivity.

Adichie said, “Traditionally, the word disruptive has often been used in a negative sense; we have school teachers who reprimanded students for being disruptive in class.

“Traditional synonyms for the word disruptive could mean troublesome, disorderly, unsettling or trouble making; but today, the word disruptive has taken a more positive connotation, especially concerning technology and access to information.

“Troublesome and innovative may seem opposed to one another, but I will argue that they’ve their pride of place in the Nigerian Bar Association.

“Many people who have abused their powers in Nigeria will describe the NBA as troublesome: to me, this is worthy of praise.”


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The Special Adviser to the president on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, has lauded General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, for staying true to his calling and standing out at a time when most men of God in Nigeria took sides politically.


Adesina described Kumuyi as one of the few men of God in Nigeria whose apolitical lifestyle should be emulated.

He spoke yesterday at the special promotion of the book, ‘Kumuyi: the Defender of the Faith’, in Abuja. According to him, the Deeper Life founder is apolitical, but not indifferent to what is happening.


He said: “The subject of that book is a voice you can trust. Pastor Kumuyi is a man you can trust and anywhere we can present Pastor Kumuyi. He is not a partisan voice, he is a neutral person but respectable. He is apolitical but not indifferent to what is happening. His voice is not political and whatever he says is the truth, nothing but the truth.


“He is a voice of moderation. There are some pastors who actually curse from the pulpit. They curse the country, president and everybody. We have a voice of hope and will tell you better days will come. That is what Jesus would have said. He is a voice of consistency.”

Chairman of the occasion and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Abuja, Prof. Michael Adikwu, said believers, especially servants of God, must not plunge head-on into partisan politics to become doomsday prophets, nor should they take sides with any political coloration.

He urged them to maintain respectable neutrality and be seen always as dignified messengers of hope and verity.


Adikwu noted that Pastor Kumuyi does not engage in New Year prophecies, or the political fortune-telling of predicting who would win the next presidential election.

“Christian leaders must learn from Pastor Kumuyi that a man that is charged by God to care for the temporal and  eternal well-being of people must shun partisan politics, keep to the bounds of his calling, so he can remain at his duty post as an arbiter, using the word of God to spread hope to all men,” he said.


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The General Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, Tunde Bakare has narrated how he almost collapsed after a surprising phone call from the wife of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Foluke Adeboye.

Naija News reports that the former presidential aspirant shared the story on Sunday while addressing his church members at the Atlanta 2022: Gathering of Sons and Daughters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The three-day event, organised by the CGCC Diaspora Family Fellowship, was themed, ‘Global Mission and Globalisation: Avenues for expressing the dominion mandate.’

Narrating the incident, Bakare said he was in London when he received the call from Adeboye’s wife who wanted to inquire about his health after watching his sermon on television.

According to him, he almost collapsed after hearing it was the wife of the popular clergyman that was calling him.

He said: “I remember that I was on a London highway one day when Mrs Adeboye called. She had sent a text and I think she also made phone calls but I didn’t know who (it was).


“So, I placed a phone call and said ‘good afternoon, I got a text from this number.

“She said, ‘Haa, don’t you know me again?’ I said, ‘Who is speaking?’ and she mentioned her name. My mouth is too small to call her by name.

“I almost collapsed. I said, ‘ma, I didn’t know it was you.’ She said, ‘Well, we were watching television and I saw you using a walking stick; I want to know that you are well.’ I said it was illustrated sermon.

“So, you can see that they care about me and I do care about them.”


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Narrates how he shuttled between classroom and palace


Oba Oloyede Adeyeoba Akinghare 11, the Arujale Ojima of Okeluse Kingdom in Ose council area of Ondo State, is the youngest monarch in the country. His appointment was ratified by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu in 2019, following a process overseen by kingmakers in the community when he was 16 years old, and after the demise of his father. Akinghare 11 was in secondary school then. Now he just finished and aged 19. The young monarch is the only son of his father, and it was believed in the community that if his installation was delayed till he was of age, manipulation could set in. Findings show that the tradition of Okeluse entails that if a king passes on, his younger brother would act as regent while the heir to the throne will be on exile for 90 days to undergo traditional rites. However, from experience, the leaders of the community took precautions to avoid crisis and decided to make the first daughter of the late king the regent, the first time such would happen in the history of the town while the heir went into seclusion.

A family source said: “In Okeluse, the Obaship title is from father to son. It is the Oba’s family who exclusively handles the installation of a new Oba in Okeluse”.

Sunday Vanguard spoke to the young and shy monarch on his background, ascension, how he’s coping, shuttling between school and the palace, plans for his community and relationship with teachers and female friends. Excerpts:


I was born in Benin City (Edo State). Later, we came to Okeluse where l actually grew up. I attended primary school here, and for secondary education, l attended Greater Tomorrow International College, Arigidi-Akoko where l just finished.


I was very much surprised when appointed because I was very young then. It looked like a dream; I was in school then (JSS 3). It was a Tuesday morning, they told me in school then that my dad said I should come home. I was surprised and asked myself, “what is going on?” The reason is that I went home only when we had holidays, so saying my dad asked me to come home was surprising to me. Though I knew he was in hospital then, I didn’t know he had passed on. They told my manager (guardian) not to tell me. Actually, I was 15 years plus during my enthronement because it was two months to my 16th birthday. The tradition of my town stipulates that the first male child of the reigning king is automatically the successor of the king and, in my own case, I’m the only male child in our family. That is how I became king by succeeding my late father.


It has not been really easy but God is always in control. He has been guiding me through. I am not used to this kind of life before but I have been coping. I have been asking questions from my chiefs (who are elderly) on the things to do and they are putting me through. I thank them. I do ask our leaders questions on what to do on many things, they would advise me: “do it this way, do it that way” and I take to their advice. I understand the tradition, but I’m still learning to know more every day.

Between school and the throne

l was in boarding house (in school); so I stayed in school. I had people doing things in the palace while l was in school, and if it was necessary for me to be present, l would quickly go and come back to school. At times, l would go for meetings and come back to school. Every last Tuesday of the month, I would go for traditional rulers meeting and if there was an occasion that I needed to attend, I would attend and return to school. The school knew my position in the community and they released me whenever I asked for permission. I attended the last meeting of the 130 Crown Obas with the governor which was held in Akure recently.

Relationship with school teachers, classmates, friends

l played with everybody but when I became king, there were little changes with the way I related. For instance, we used to play and touch one another’s head before but that stopped.

Also, before, when l wanted to greet teachers in the morning, l would bow down but I stopped bowing down because of tradition.

Post-secondary education

I want to go to university. I have written the UTME. I want to study public administration. I would have loved to become an engineer. I was in the science class and some people also advised me to study law but I don’t like law. So I later left the science class for the art class.

Plan for community

My cardinal plan is to bring development to my community, to bring investors to this place and make it developed more. The people of my community have really been giving me support since I ascended the throne. I really thank them for this. The sons and daughters of the town who are outside too, I am enjoying their support and I do appreciate them. For six years, there was no electricity supply in this community but since I came on board in 2019, we have been having power supply at least 12 hours every day. Also there was no communication network before, but now we have network. Now, we can call, chat on our phones unlike before. I will also like to use this opportunity to call on well-meaning Okeluse sons and daughters to come home and develop the town.


l don’t move around. I stay in the palace even though it is somehow boring. When I was in school, I played with my friends but when at home I don’t have them around me. Movement is restricted because of my present status. I love playing football, but can’t anymore. I love to sing and l also like playing Ludo game but now I can only do those hobbies in the palace.

Female friends

I have a lot of them, but I want to grow a bit older and get more mature before I get involved with women, l mean get married. For now I don’t really like to talk to girls, so to woo a lady is hard for me because if you see me you will know I am a shy person.

More than one wife

Yes it is compulsory I will marry more than one wife. In our tradition here, it is compulsory for a king to have more than one wife because the first wife, if she has a male child, the male child will become the next king and the second wife’s first male child will become what we call Eleki and, if the first wife does not have a male child and the second wife has, it is the first male child of the second wife that will become the next king. The Eleki is the second in command to the king; if the king is not around, the Eleki will be in charge.


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The Big Brother Naija season 7 held its third live eviction show on Sunday evening and two housemates were disqualified.

Kess and Pharmsavi became the fourth and fifth housemates to leave the show respectively.

The show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, made the announcement during the live show, which also featured an electrifying performance from Iyanya.

During the eviction live show, Ebuka also announced that Big Brother will merge the Level 1 and Level 2 housemates.

Earlier in the week, Eloswag from Level 1 became the Head of House and he was given the power to nominate housemates from Level 1 for possible eviction.

Following the nomination, Groovy, Amaka, Daniella, Modella, Chizzy, Pharmsavi, and Kess.

However, Chizzy and Modella are not real housemates and we’re not meant to be evicted leaving the rest five to battle for viewer’s votes.

Following the votes from the viewers, Kess and Pharmsavi were ushered out of Big Brother house after coming bottom on the list.

Christy O and Cyph from the Level 2 house became the first evictees for the season during the live show two weeks ago.

Before the show, Big Brother had disqualified ex-Miss Nigeria, Beauty Tukura, after she received double strikes for breaking the house rules.

Last week, Khalid and Ilebaye also took a bow from the show following their eviction.

With Kess and Pharmsavi’s latest eviction, only 17 real housemates are on the show.

While Deji and Modella are fake housemates, Rachel and Chizzy are Riders.


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The nephew to the founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, Daysman has reacted to suspension from official roles in the church.

There had been speculations that Daysman was suspended following grounds of misconduct.

Pastor Oyakhilome had stated during a service that Daysman would be on “spiritual rehabilitation” following his suspension.

The cleric said, “Now, for the loveworld Next and Loveworld Innovations which are part of our youth organizations, the one who has been president of Loveworld next and Loveworld Innovations, Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren is hereby removed from being president of Loveworld Next and Loveworld Innovations and also suspended from all official roles for acts of gross misconduct.

“So he no longer handles any of that and I’m putting him under Spiritual rehabilitation. He has to go through a spiritual rehabilitation program from now, with immediate effect.

“Such misconduct is unacceptable and so right away, we have appointed Pastor Derick Izekoh as president of Loveworld Next and Loveworld Innovations.”

Daysman while reacting to the suspension in a post on his Instagram account noted that he had to react to questions asked by news agencies.

He wrote, “So for days now I’ve been asked by many news agencies and big media to say something regarding the very interesting happenings in the past weeks.
If not for the name involved, I’d very much remain silent.

“Where I come from sons do not fight with Fathers, it is a curse! You just have to believe that they see what you do not see and trust in their process.

“If all Jesus saw was the death on the cross he would have missed the bigger picture of the resurrection, everyone had to see him die to end all debate on his resurrection, if he hadn’t died, his divinity would still be up for debate. Point made- God does not hide His love even when it’s the tough kind.

“It is unfair to have been given more opportunities than almost anyone in your generation and not expect to be more challenged than almost anyone in your generation, if you didn’t have a future ahead of you, the Lord wouldn’t provide you with the tools and people to solidify your character and person.


“Moreso we were raised to defend the actions and guidance of our fathers no matter what and see the value in it, you can never go wrong for it

“If you loved the teacher when he provided you with knowledge, do not love him less when he presents you with an examination.
You cannot tell a father how to raise his son. If he didn’t think I could take it, then he wouldn’t have done it.

“For those of you having mixed reactions, note that there were fathers who took their sons to a mountain to offer as burnt offerings to the Lord in the bible.
One sent him to a cross. Aren’t you glad I didn’t end up as one of those two?

“It is God that gives instructions on processes to follow to bring out the best in you.

“It is a blessing to be corrected by your father. A father is the greatest gift to your future.

“For those suggesting that I share my personal opinions on how I feel I should have been treated and share my views, hoping to politicize this,

“I am too afraid to go contrary to the Lord’s anointed.
And it felt interesting to have been the most searched person in the world for one week.?

“I didn’t know my matter had this much influence, dethroning big brother from net space. I am wise enough to see God’s favour in His process.”


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Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate, Sheggz has assured his love interest, Bella, of his love and promised her he wants to marry her.

After the night party, Saturday, he had a one-on-one talk with Bella, promising her an everlasting love outside the house.


He said, “You’re everything I ever wanted. Even when you’re on your period. Even if someone vexes you. Even when you’re fighting with Chomzy.. even when you do something I don’t like. I’ll always be there and you know why? Because you’re my everything.

“I want you to see this from another perspective…Babe, I really want to marry you. I really think you’re everything that’s missing.”'


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John Boyega, the Nigerian-British actor, says he took a break from acting and movie production to find balance and fulfillment.


In a chat on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the 30-year-old ‘Star Wars’ actor said the objective of the break was to enable him to work on his “true self” so he can be able to take on more significant opportunities and movie roles.

“I got to a point where I realized that life needs a sense of balance. Sometimes you go towards something and achieve it but there is no fulfillment because you have forgotten about the most important thing, the self,” he said.

“And in thinking about that I was like I need to sort me out first so that when I reach a particular stage and when bigger opportunities come, I’m genuinely ready for it and not intimidated.


“I went on a holiday, had some good times and I relaxed and got in the gym, got reading, got into a routine and I think a lot of some need to do.”

Born to Nigerian parents on March 17, 1992, in London, Boyega has enjoyed a stellar movie career, winning several awards including BAFTA ‘Rising Star Award’ in 2016.

In 2015, Boyega founded Upper Room Entertainment, a production company aimed at “creating original stories”.


In 2019, he played the renaissance hero ‘Finn’ in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’.


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