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 [WATCH] Inibehe Effiong And The Threat of Buhari's Impeachment - Reuben Abati
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[WATCH VIDEO] Inibehe Effiong And The Threat of Buhari's Impeachment - Reuben Abati








 [WATCH] Nigeria's Aviation Sector Crisis - Reuben Abati 

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[WATCH] Lessons For Nigeria From Sri Lanka's Crisis - Reuben Abati
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[WATCH] INTERVIEW: 2022 Hajj And Sallah Day with (Adedoyin Abibat Kukoyi) - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Exit of Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, CJN - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Political Dynasties: Politicians Perpetuating Selves In Power - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Lessons From JUNE 12 And The Future - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Rebellion At The Apex Court Of Nigeria - Reuben Abati
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The General Overseer of God’s Heritage Centre, Calabar, Cross River State, Bishop Josef Bassey, has reacted to backlash following his second marriage to a lady identified as Oma Etta while his wife wife is still alive.

Many people were shocked after photos from Bishop Bassey’s traditional wedding with Etta surfaced online.

Unconfirmed reports making the round on social media claimed that his former wife, Grace Josef Bassey, who he married in 1997, and share two children with left him over alleged infidelity.

However, the church secretary, Barr. Melody Irem, in a statement issued on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, described the reports as “malicious and demonstration of crass ignorance by agents of hell.”

Barr. Irem explained that Bishop Bassey’s first marriage ended since October 2016, after his former wife ”abandoned the marriage.”

He confirmed that the presiding bishop got married ‘gloriously, honorably and enviably’ on Wednesday, 24th August 2022, after six years of ‘undesired singlehood’.

“Our attention has been drawn to an onslaught of malicious, defamatory fabrication of lies, misrepresentation of facts and outright demonstration of crass ignorance aimed at tarnishing the hard-earned image, name and reputation of our highly esteemed and respected man of God, His Lordship, Bishop Josef Bassey,” the statement read.

“Ordinarily, we would have completely ignored it as the Lord whom we serve knows the truth and is the ultimate defender of his own; but so that people of goodwill and good conscience do not get deceived or swayed by this ignominious perpetuation of these agents of Satan obviously doing the bidding of their master, we therefore feel obliged to set the records straight as follows

“1. That the first marriage of our man of God ended since October, 2016 after the former wife abandoned the marriage.

2. That all attempts at mediation and reconciliation through different authorities and persons within and outside the church were rebuffed by her, including those by some of the most highly respected spiritual fathers in the nation and beyond

3. Consequently, in keeping with native laws and customs, a date was fixed and her family, the family of our man of God and representatives of the church met and formally dissolved the union thereby officially setting both parties free from the marriage covenant

4. The spiritual fathers and church authorities acting through the Pentecostal college of Bishops, in the light of these developments, and in consideration of other facts unfit and unedifying for public consumption, formally dissolved and nullified the marriage, thereby releasing God’s servant to re-marry if he chose to

5. It might be necessary to note that the one-time wife of our man of God had since 2016 moved on, reverted to her maiden name as Grace Henshaw and is living her life and doing whatsoever she pleases, where and when she pleases and how she pleases. And rightly so

6. After six years of dealing with the better imagined than told personal devastations, pains, loneliness, struggles and evil consequences of the actions of his one-time wife, God’s servant, leveraging on wise counsel and divine guidance decided it was time to quit singlehood and give the past a final closure in the best interest of his life, destiny, family and the kingdom

“He got married gloriously, honorably and enviably on Wednesday, 24th August 2022 in highly celebrated traditional marriage that was witnessed by the church, families, friends, neighbors etc

“God’s servant today, after six years of undesired singlehood, has only one wife. And ONE WIFE only. All suggestions or insinuations to the contrary are lies, evil, deceitful, in bad taste and the handiwork of wicked people

“Interestingly, we know the perpetuators of this evil campaign. They are the same agents of hell whose attempts in the past years to bring God’s servant down or frustrate the work of God failed woefully

“They obviously are having heart attack from their serial failures and tangible strength and the grace of God at work in God’s servant making him undeterred and unmoved in his continued demonstrated commitment to the advancement of the kingdom and the cause of God, in spite of the arrows hauled at him

“We therefore call on the Christian community and men of good conscience to ignore the lies, fabrications and misrepresentations as they are intended to hurt the body of Christ and bring the name of our Lord into disrepute, even as we continue in our fight against our common enemy

“As a commission, we remain more committed now than ever before to reach the ends of the earth with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and making ready the nations for his second coming. May the grace, peace and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be on us all.”

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Nigerian gospel singer, Tim Godfrey, has narrated his battle with an illness which almost left him paralysed.

Godfrey disclosed via his Instagram page on Wednesday, that he was diagnosed with an unnamed ailment, which according to doctors, made his bones “20 years older” than his body.

Sharing a picture of himself at the hospital, the artiste said he had dealt with excruciating pain that made him cry during the trying period.

“This picture right here was when I was admitted in the hospital, it started with me feeling some pain in my back, then a hellish pain in my arms,” he wrote in the caption.

Godfrey added, “I went for an MRI and the scientists told me that my bones were 20 years older than my age – over 60 years old, when I’m in my 40s. They also told me that my spiral cord disc had shifted and all these other complicated things, all happening to me at the same time.

“I was always in pain. Sometimes I would hold my hand to my face and cry so badly. They told me that I had overstretched my body and a lot of other evil reports.”

He further revealed that his health was restored after treatments, intensive prayers, and the belief that he had received his healing.


He added, “But as the song says when there’s chance for evil, God turns it for good. I went home after some treatments and intensive prayers, believing I was healed and it was so.

“Right now I am grateful to God for the gift of healing. I imagine the plan of the enemy was that I be paralysed but God turned it around.

“To you reading this, God is turning that situation around for your good. No matter the report of the enemy concerning your life, the report of the Lord says – he’s turning everything in your favour. Rejoice!!!.”


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Nigerian Grammy award-winning singer, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid has again made Nigerians proud with his latest achievement.

Naija News reports that the Recording Industry Association of America on Tuesday, 30th August 2022 announced the Gold Certification of Wizkid’s fourth studio album, ‘Made In Lagos’ after it sold over 500,000 copies in the United States.

With such an incredible feat in his career, Wizkid has become the first and only Nigerian and African artist to have his album sell above 500,000 copies in the United States.

The biggest song of the album was ‘Essence’ remix featuring American Pop star Justin Bieber and Afrobeats superstar, Tems.

Recalls that the Grammy nominated ‘Essence’ was awarded the Best Collaboration Award at the 2020 BET Awards as Wizkid became the first ever African artiste (alongside Tems) to win a major BET award category.

The song also enjoyed an impressive level of success in the United States, as it peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is two-time platinum.

The Grammy-nominated album featured hit tracks and contributions from Tems, Burna Boy, Damian Marley, Skepta, Ella Mai, H.E.R., Buju, “Essence” remix featuring Tems and Canadian singer Justin Bieber and many more.


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“If you see mamaiwata o


If you see mamaiwata o

Never, never you run away

Ay, ay

Never run away, Victor Uwaifo

If you see mamaiwata o

If you see mamaiwata o

Never, never you run away

Ay, ay

Sing that song of love, sweet melody…,” Victor Uwaifo, Guitar Boy.

Peter Obi, the Labor Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 presidential election, is touring the world. He is like a rock star anywhere he goes. People are paying money to meet him, chat with him and take pictures. Unlike other presidential candidates, he is pretty accessible and humble, to a fault. 


Peter Obi is a Mamaiwata that has shown up at a shipwreck site called Nigeria. His human torso and fish-like lower body have made him a mythical object. He holds the traditional mirror and comb in his hands, and around his body coils a python. He lures sailors with the beautiful songs he sings with his hypnotising voice. If you see him, do not just show your adoration. Touch his long blonde hair but do not remove the hibiscus flower tucked into the hair. Do not be mesmerised by his fins and radiating scales, or else you miss his gifts and rewards. Do your best to look deep into his blue eyes and ask him deep questions. 

I may never get the chance to ask him mine. And I have so many. Here are just three questions for those who are lucky to see Mamaiwata. 

As Governor of Anambra State, I remember you for these two profound statements. One was that “the society that we abuse today will take its revenge on our children.” The other statement is that “when the premise of an argument is wrong, the conclusion is also wrong.” Of recent, you have not been using any of these statements. Why is that? 

A mischievous part of me thought it could be because you lifted those statements from somewhere. So far, I have checked, and I have verified that I have not seen where you lifted them. It leaves me with only one other option – that the truths in those statements are coming home to roost.

Let us take the last one first. “When the premise of an argument is wrong, the conclusion is also wrong.”

Virtually everyone agrees that Nigeria is like a car with a knocked engine. Do you agree? 

If you agree, does it need a good driver or a new engine?

If you think Nigeria needs a good driver, does it not follow that your quest to be president follows the wrong premise that Nigeria needs a good driver and not a new engine? 

Does it not follow that your conclusion and the possible outcomes of your presidency will also be wrong? 

This is what your hero, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, said as far back as 1969. 

“The Federation of Nigeria is today as corrupt, as unprogressive and as oppressive and irreformable as the Ottoman Empire was in Eastern Europe over a century ago. And in contrast, the Nigerian Federation, in the form it was constituted by the British, cannot by any stretch of imagination be considered an African necessity. Yet we are being forced to sacrifice our very existence as a people to the integrity of that ramshackle creation that has no justification either in history or in the freely expressed wishes of the people.” 

Was Ojukwu wrong? Is Nigeria, as presently constituted, a justifiable African necessity? If not, why do you think it deserves the sacrifice of 200 million people to keep it alive?

If you look at Nigeria’s budget, state, federal, and others, there is a lot of waste. You have convinced your supporters that you will close the loopholes through which governors like you and other government officials siphon money. And they believe you. 

I have a question about waste through security votes. As Governor, how much did you take every month as a security vote? What was your security votes’ percentage of the money you received from Abuja and your state’s internally generated revenue? 

In one TV interview, you said government officials told you that you could take as much as N1 billion a month as a security vote when you became a governor. In another interview, you said that if you were to tell Nigerians the truth about what governors earn, there would be trouble in Nigeria. 

Do you really think there is anything you will reveal about the life of governors that would surprise Nigerians? 

Transparency is an integral part of good leadership. Will you pledge here and now to reveal to the nation how much you are worth today, including how much you have hidden in offshore accounts for your family members? Will you, as the president, publicly declare your assets the way President Yar’Adua did? Will you show leadership and stand out from other candidates by publicly declaring your assets before the election?

Well, Nigerians know that, on average, state governors each take home N200 million in security votes a month. If you multiply that by 36, that will be N7.2 billion a month. In a year, 36 governors pocket N259.2 billion. In the last 20 years, governors like you have taken N5.18 trillion Naira out of their state budgets. For what? This figure is about what Nigeria’s budget is in a year.

Will you agree that you and your fellow governors in the last 20 years have abused our society so much? Are you sorry that you were part of the rot in the system? Have you repented? Is your quest to be president a form of penitence? Are you aiming to pay restitution? Are you afraid that the society you have abused will take revenge on your children? 

Governor, you will agree with me that Nigeria has worked for you. Am I right to conclude that Nigeria is a failed society that works for those like you who failed it? 

These are my two questions for our mamaiwata, Peter Obi. If you see him, please help me get some answers from him. I will reserve the third one until I meet him.

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Amaka, evicted Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 7 housemate, has revealed who will be the likely winner of the ‘Level Up’ edition.

In a video after her eviction, Amaka said she wants Hermes to win the show.

Giving her reasons, Amaka said Hermes is the realest housemate in the house and she resonates with people like that.

Amaka said: “The person I think will win the show is Hermes. He is really real, and I resonate with real people.


“I wish he wins the show, I just want the realest person to win.”

Recall that Amaka was evicted on Monday night after Big Brother pulled a twist during the nomination process.

Biggie asked the housemates to choose two housemates they would want evicted immediately.

Amaka scored the highest nominations, excluding the nominations of fake housemates and riders which led to her exit from the reality show.


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Nollywood actress and Deputy Governorship candidate of Lagos State under Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) has explained the viral video of herself going into trance in a celestial church.

The actress took to her Instagram page to shed more light on the occasion that led to the viral video.

She wrote: “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

Psalm 16:11.

“The Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) SBJ Oshoffa  Memorial Cathedral joined me in thanksgiving of my 45th birthday celebration on Sunday 28th August, 2022. I worshipped with the congregation and I can’t quantify the joy I felt worshipping in the Celestial Church of Christ where I am not a stranger.

“From there, I joined congregants at the Celestial Church of Christ, Wonderland Cathedral, Jesus Palace, Alaguntan, Iyana Ipaja to celebrate the 2022 edition of the Annual Prophet & Prophetess Anniversary and commit the new year into the hands of the Almighty.

“I am humbled by the devotion of the body of Christ in Alimosho LGA and draw from their example of stewardship and unwavering faith as I tackle my biggest undertaking yet.

“My spirit was lifted and I enjoyed every bit of both services. #funkeakindele”


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Nollywood actress-turned-politician, Funke Akindele has explained why she recently attended Celestial Church.

Funke gave Nigerians another reason to talk after a viral video showed her dancing in a Celestial Church.

In the video circulating online, Funke was appealing to clerics to keep praying for everything around her.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Lagos State deputy governorship candidate was dancing with members of the church until she was moved into a trance.


Funke, addressing the congregation, said that she was born into the Celestial Church, describing her case as that of a lost sheep who has returned home.

Akindele clarified that although she was not consistent in the church, she was always sneaky about her involvement.

Funke said: “I was born in Celestial Church but my case is like that of a lost sheep.

“Whenever I have challenges, I run to Cele church but I always hide to attend.

“But now I said enough is enough and it’s time for me to show myself and stop hiding.”

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Going to retire soon? It would be best if you could make a plan before you retire. Though nothing much has changed over time, you work to survive, make some savings, and after some years of working hard, you retire. At that time, you may find yourself in a different situation where you get nothing to do or no rush to meet the deadlines. You may start getting depressed when suddenly this happens. So, it is better to have a plan for your retirement.


Retirement plans are for those who are going to retire soon. When you are young you may not feel the pressure of old age pressure and it is also not bad. However, being long-sighted at a young age will be helpful for your old age, especially when you will retire. You may take ideas from people who already have been to that phase.

A retirement plan needs to be contented, reliable, and flexible enough that will make you feel like a safety cushion even in financial needs. Start the planning by making a goal for your retirement and savings to meet them. To make it easy, follow these six easy tips for a retirement plan:

1. Save money from an early age: For a retirement plan, it is imperative to think about saving money. If you have started already, you are on the right track, and don’t stop doing it. Think about the expenditure after retirement, make an assumption and save according to that. Your possible expanse could be:

  • Maintenance cost for your home
  • Average health-care and medical aid costs
  • Expanse for your essentials like food, clothing, etc.
  • Payment regarding entertainment and recreation, such as movies, restaurants, etc.
  • Regular instalments for life insurance
  • Spending on flights, hotels, or gas if you want to travel

2. Pay off all your debts before you retire: It is always better to settle all your debts while working. It may become a little harder to cope with all the expanse along with repaying the debts. If you are planning to take a loan for purchasing a home or a car then make sure that you sort this out until you retire. Even settle your credit card debts or mortgage loans before that. Things can be challenging at times so you can do some overtime to ease the burden when you are retired.


3. Making some investments can be helpful: Investments can be really helpful during your retirement period. It will keep you busy and hand you some money to deal with your life. You can invest in:

The stock market to buy stocks through mutual funds or trade-fund exchanges. Keep a close eye on the stock price fluctuations and take informed decisions at the right time to minimise the risk of loss.

      • Bonds are a bit more popular than stocks as the price fluctuates a little less than that. You can invest in treasury bonds.. However, the interest rate for the bonds is low and the price of the yield will rise when the price falls. So, if you want to sell it before the bonds mature, you may need to sell it at a decreased price.
      • Different types of assets like gold, silver, oil, and so on. The most common asset investment is gold since its price tends to increase during recessions. You can make good money with it easily but you should talk to professionals before you start investing to understand the procedure to make it worthwhile.

4. Think about investing in your health insurance: It is important to think about your health. Anything can happen at any time so better to be prepared for that. Enrol in health insurance before you retire or sign up for it once you are retired. This will cover your medical expenses when you need them. You can pay for medications, prescriptions, and appointments with it which will keep you away from spending extra money. On the other hand, you may maintain a healthy lifestyle accordingly.


5. Start new hobbies: People need something to help fill their time once they stop working. Although most individuals look forward to the day they no longer have to go to work, most people do not know what to do with all the new free time they have! The sooner you start looking for hobbies and activities, the easier it will be once you retire as you can join local clubs related to your new hobby/activity.

6. Spend time working in part-time jobs: Part-time jobs can be a good option to spend time before it starts to bore you. This will keep you busy, hand you some extra money, and make you feel good about yourself. You can also go with your hobby or skill or whatever that makes you happy.

The retirement journey for everyone is unique and you can enjoy every bit of it by making a plan. Whether you pick a new hobby or take a tour of the world, your financial stability should be on point because it will keep you fit both mentally and physically. At the end of the day, a proper retirement plan can let you have the confidence to live a healthy life with a peaceful smile on your face.



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The presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo has wept bitterly on hearing the sad news of the death of the white woman who led him to Christ 53 years ago.

Betty Lasher, 92, died few days ago. She led Oyedepo to become born again at the age of 15 years.

Oyedepo said on Sunday that he sobbed when he was told that his ‘mother in the Lord’ Lasher had gone home to be with the Lord.

Oyedepo 1

“My mother in the Lord went home two nights ago, Betty Lasher. I sobbed. I rose and wrote a poem, 53 years ago she changed my life. I spoke to her last month. You said you are too fast, I am not hearing you too well.

“I sensed in my spirit, that her time had come. Her aide had to talk to me and tell it to her one by one. She went upstairs like a saint. She was 92 on her last birthday. Let me give you a clip, Sweet Mother, Sweet Savour, Sweet Memory,” Oyedepo

Oyedepo eulogised Lasher’s qualities, saying she was God’s agent that brought him out of darkness into light.

“Up till now, you better come and engage your heart. I said, “you have left an army behind who are following Jesus dedicatedly as you did”. A number of them great ministers of the gospel, a number of them professors, big time businessmen who are still following Jesus with all their heart”.

“Engage your heart in all you do. She got hold of me at 15 and I have still not forgotten. All these halfway following, halfway disappearing is not life. I have been given the grace to stick to wherever God leads me with all my heart. We shall all finish well. No one will miss his place in heaven.

“If I don’t know anything, I know sweet mommy is in her mansion. I know she has a crown right now because if I wasn’t saved, I won’t be in ministry. Whatever people got saved here will also be credited to her account. That is what happens to people you are leading to Christ,” he said.

[PM News]

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Amidst the uproar that greeted the sudden eviction of Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemate, Amaka, the show organisers have explained why Doyin escaped eviction.

Naija News reports that Doyin had six nominations from other housemates along with Amaka but only the latter got evicted from the show, on Monday night.

The development caused outrage on social media with many viewers condemning it and saying the step was inhuman.

However, the organisers in a post shared on its verified Twitter page, said Deji’s nomination of Doyin and Hermes is invalid because he is a fake housemate.

According to Biggie, Riders Rachel and Chizzy’ cannot be nominated and cannot put up any housemates for eviction.

The tweet read: “As they are not real housemates Deji(Fake), Rachel (Rider) and Chizzy’s nominations were not counted towards tonight’s eviction.”

See how the housemates were nominated below:

Doyin Nominated Rachel and Adekunle

Deji Nominated Hermes and Doyin

Eloswag Nominated Doyin and Amaka

Amaka Nominated Giddyfia and Chomzy

Allysyn Nominated Rachel and Chizzy

Dotun Nominated Rachel and Amaka

Groovy Nominated Adekunle and Doyin

Adekunle Nominated Doyin and Amaka

Hermes Nominated Doyin and Chichi

Sheggz Nominated Chizzy and Diana

Bella Nominated Adekunle and Chizzy

Phyna Nominated Adekunle and Hermes

Daniella Nominated Hermes and Chichi

Chomzy Nominated Amaka and Doyin

Diana Nominated Chichi and Deji

Chichi Nominated Adekunle and Allysyn

Bryann Nominated Amaka and Eloswag

Doyin Nominated Rachel and Adekunle

Chizzy Nominated Eloswag and Bella

Giddyfia Nominated Chizzy and Amaka

Rachel Nominated Hermes and Deji


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