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 [WATCH] Inibehe Effiong And The Threat of Buhari's Impeachment - Reuben Abati
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[WATCH VIDEO] Inibehe Effiong And The Threat of Buhari's Impeachment - Reuben Abati








 [WATCH] Nigeria's Aviation Sector Crisis - Reuben Abati 

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[WATCH] Lessons For Nigeria From Sri Lanka's Crisis - Reuben Abati
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[WATCH] INTERVIEW: 2022 Hajj And Sallah Day with (Adedoyin Abibat Kukoyi) - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Exit of Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, CJN - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Political Dynasties: Politicians Perpetuating Selves In Power - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Lessons From JUNE 12 And The Future - Reuben Abati
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[#ICYMI] [WATCH] Rebellion At The Apex Court Of Nigeria - Reuben Abati
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The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has showered encomium on his wife, Margaret as she celebrates her birthday today.

Naija News reports that the former governor of Anambra State took to his Twitter page to wish his wife and mother of his two children, a happy birthday.

In the birthday post, Peter Obi expressed appreciation to his wife, recalling how her support, love and affection have helped him.

The LP flagbearer also thanks God for the gift of his wife in his life adding that he could not have asked for a better partner in productivity and progress.

He tweeted: “To my dearest wife and the perfect mother to our beloved children, words alone cannot express how far I have come by your support, love and affection. Each moment shared with you renews my strength, brightens my ideas and sharpens my vision.” Obi wrote on Twitter.

“As you celebrate your birthday today, I remain eternally grateful to God for the gift of you in my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in productivity and progress. May God continue to protect and bless you as we journey each day together.

“Happy Birthday to My Only Wife.-PO”

The Only Reason I Will Stop Campaigning

Peter Obi has vowed to stop campaigning for the presidency if anyone can prove he misappropriated funds received as governor of Anambra state.

The former governor made the statement while speaking to Nigerians in the United Kingdom and urged officials working in the government to stop stealing public funds.

According to Obi, he received over half a trillion naira during his eight-year tenure as the governor of Anambra state without misappropriating any percentage of the money.

He further dared anyone to prove his statement wrong, adding that if they can, he would stop campaigning for the presidency.



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Oludare Alaba caused a stir on Monday when a video emerged of him returning his certificate to the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomosho, Oyo State for allegedly not being of any value to him. He speaks with SAM NWAOKO on why he took the action.

You have been trending since Monday when you went to your alma mater to return your certificate…

I don’t have a mobile telephone handset that can browse the internet. So that has made it impossible for me to see what has been happening online.

You must have been receiving calls from many quarters.

That is true. Some of my friends have been calling. Some of them who, before now, would not pick my calls are now calling me, including those who had blocked my number.

What was the reaction of the first officials of LAUTECH that you met when you went there on Monday to return your certificate?

When I got there, I told them why I came and I told them that I wanted to see the Vice Chancellor himself so that we can talk one on one. The security personnel there said I needed to write formally that I wanted to see the VC and state the reasons. They said I should go and do that and promised that they would process the letter when I bring it. That infuriated me.

That was not the first time I would be going there. I had been there before. I went there on Monday, January 17th this year and they were not forthcoming. That time, they referred me to main security post. When I couldn’t make any headway, I visited one of the professors in the Faculty of Agriculture where I graduated from. He gave me N10,000 that day and from the money, I bought the phone with which I am talking with you right now. So this time round, I decided and made up my mind that I must see the VC. That is why I created a scene. I didn’t even know that the incident was being recorded by someone there. I was ready to be arrested and detained, but I needed to be heard and I was determined to be heard.

At what point did you realise and decided that the certificate you have with you, which you earned, is not helpful to you?

Last year February, I felt strongly about this matter. After I had thought about it, I realised I might not have the privilege of seeing the relevant authorities. So, I decided to make a video in which I said that I would return the certificate to the university. My conclusion was that the certificate is not useful to me and I have to take it back there. However, there was no response to the video, not even the school. I tagged the state governor with the hope that someone would just ask ‘who be this guy?’ but there was nothing from anybody anywhere. It was painful but I cannot commit suicide even though I have concluded that I am a disappointment to my family, to my generation and even to those that I should help. That is why I decided to return their property to them and tell them to refund my fees so that I can use the money to pursue my career. So, that is why.

You graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture but you did not put what you learnt into practice. Don’t you think that is a failure on your part?

I tried to do something. I cultivated about seven acres of land and we lost the farm when cows invaded it and destroyed our crops. The man who helped me with the farmland also lost his farm to cows. The man arrested the cows and took them to the police station but instead of treating the matter, the policemen detained the complainant and released the cows. I also ventured into the sale of cow hide. I processed the skin and sell. I sold a piece of land and invested the money in the business but it failed. I tried to do a few things but they failed. If I should kill myself, would Nigeria not continue? But I cannot kill myself because this life is beautiful and I still have a lot of help to render.

You have tried, but do you believe in starting small and grow your business, even you music career you are talking about?

Why not? I started small in some of the things I did. Besides I have started small. People like Dangote and others started small. Olamide and all those big stars started small. I realise that.

How have you been coping in feeding your family, especially your children?

It has not been easy. When you go to my Instagram and compare my picture of a few years ago and now, you will pity me. I was looking better than I look now. My Instagram handle is “Director of Ancestors” and “Woli Apari”. Those are the two handles I operate simultaneously.

Going by your social media handles, you must be a unique human being

Yes. I have a lot of gifts and talents God has given me. I thank God for the privilege.

You said your friends who had frozen you out are now calling you. What are they saying?

Yes, I’ve been receiving their calls. Some of them are asking why I did what I did and I told them that I don’t care what they think about my action. I told such friends off. Some of them agreed that what I did was normal, and they say that they too are passing through difficult times in their respective lives. I understand that things are difficult for many people. I am a victim too because some people would call me for help and such people don’t get favourable responses from me. However, that should not lead to us to freezing one another out. We are supposed to be friends in good times and bad times. We should not live life like that.

Has the LAUTECH authorities reached out to you following the incident?

Yes, they called me and we spoke at length. They really did well with what they told me. However, it is a school and they have their ways of doing things. They also have a limit to what they can do, so I accept it as that. If I go by our discussion, I would not pick any calls or hold discussions with regards to that encounter. But I am the one in need and I am focussed on my development. When the university teachers get paid the arrears of their salaries after the ongoing strike, they would be better off. But am I expecting any pay from any quarters? So I have to face my problems.

What do you really want…? What do you want Nigerians to do in your case?

What I want now is that I want to fulfil destiny. I will be happy if I can get the right connection and support to start my career. If my wife can get a job and be gainfully engaged, I will be able to face my own job and pursue my career and I know that one day soon, God will lift me higher. I believe He has lifted me already.

Which career are you referring to? Agriculture, your area of study or music?

What agriculture? The agriculture which I ventured into and that was destroyed by people’s cows? How do you expect me to go back there, that I might be killed? I have a load of talents God has given me so much gifts – I can sing Hip Hop, Gospel, I can dance and I can make people laugh – and you are talking about agriculture. Do you realise how much I lost in my venture into agriculture? That is not an option because I went there and left in bitterness.


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THE   Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, said   despite a 26.6 per cent increase in the banking system liquidity, commercial banks borrowed N124.62 billion from its   Standing Lending Facility (SLF) in May 2022.

The CBN disclosed this in its Monthly Economic Report for the period saying that the facility increased to N737.05 billion in May from N612.43 billion in April.

The apex bank, however, said that commercial banks deposited N680 billion in its Standing Deposit Facility, SDF, during the period.

The CBN said: “Despite the improved liquidity, the total standing lending facility increased considerably by 20.4 per cent to  N737.05 billion relative to  N612.43 billion at end-April 2022. “Similarly, relative to the preceding month, the total standing deposit facility increased slightly by 0.2 per cent to  N321.23 billion from  N320.55 billion.”  

According to the CBN, the average banking system liquidity increased by 26.6 per cent to  N197.84 billion in May from  N156.30 billion in April.

It stated: “Average banking system liquidity increased by 26.6 per cent to  N197.84 billion relative to  N156.30 billion in the preceding month.  

“The major drivers of liquidity in the review period were fiscal injections (N813.86 billion), repos (N870.32 billion), and Open Market Operations, OMO,   bills repayment (N643.01 billion).  

“The maturities of OMO bills and repos were 238.57 per cent and 83.29 per cent higher than the preceding month’s level of  N189.92 billion and  N474.83 billion, respectively.”


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The senior pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries, Chris Okotie, says he is not interested in getting married again.

In a chat with BBC Pidgin, the 64-year-old cleric said he won’t be getting married again because Jesus has already told me that one has ended

Okotie disclosed that God called him to be celibate like Apostle Paul in the Bible but he did not understand until he grew older.

“I’m not getting married again because Jesus has already told me that one has ended. When I was saved, when I became born again, I was in university at the time. I did not understand the will of God for my life.

“I called you like Paul. I tried to stop you at that time, but you didn’t listen. I want you to live a life of dedication to me and the work I called you for. So marriage is not on the menu again, never”, he said.

Recall that Okotie had been involved in two failed marriages.

He first got married to Tina but separated in 2001. Then again, he tied the knot with Stephanie Henshaw in 2008 but the union ended in 2012.


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The lady identified as Gweneth Lee, 50-year-old says she has no regrets.

A 50-year-old woman has confessed to sleeping with 1,000 married men.
According to Sun UK, Gweneth Lee, 50 said she splits her time between London and California to enjoy herself with different men.
“There’s so many married men on the scene to have affairs with,” says Gweneth, who splits her time between London and California. “Film producers, finance guys and bio hackers… they are some of the men I’m currently seeing and they all want another woman.”
Her views are backed up by actual statistics. 
A new survey of 2,000 customers by dating affairs agency Illicit Encounters revealed people are more likely to start an affair in September than any other month.
It has overtaken January as the biggest month for adultery.
The key reason behind the 22 per cent autumn rise in affairs is the strain the long summer holidays puts on long-standing relationships.
A third of women (32%) and a similar number of men (34%) said prolonged exposure to their partner on holiday made them think of starting afresh.
The gradual end of working from home is another factor in the autumn rise in affairs.
“People are just sick of seeing their boring, boring partners all the time,” said Gweneth, who estimated she’s had a thousand married lovers. 
“They’re sick of their faces, sick of their bodies, sick of talking to them.
“It’s like the pandemic… who wants to spend that much time with one person?!”
My lovers say to me, 'I am so sick and bored of my horrible family' and I sympathise. 
“How much of your family can you really see?”
A married woman she knew, who she claimed was having an affair with a married man, said she stayed with her husband as they parented the children well and it made financial sense.
“But intellectually and sexually they don’t work,” Gweneth said. “So she’s taken a lover who is extraordinary in the bedroom. I understand it. People need all their needs fulfilled - not just some.”
She said a return to the office and children going off to school and university enabled affairs to happen practically.
“People can lie and say they are in meetings,” she explained. “In fact I’m arranging a rendezvous soon with a lover and he’s using this exact excuse.
“His wife doesn’t know and I don’t care. Why should I feel guilty? The onus is on him, not me.” 
Gweneth, who has been married before, said she was unlikely to ever have a long-term partner again. 
“Married men are just better,” she said. “They notice when you’ve had a hair cut, done your nails or bought a pretty dress from Dolce & Gabbana. 
“I enjoy the attention and compliments, but I don’t want to be stuck with him permanently.
“It’s why I’ve had an astronomical number of lovers.
“If I wanted to date a painfully average man I would just go on Tinder.” 
Gweneth’s favourite type of lovers are rich, intellectual and worldly.
They buy her gifts. “I’ve been given expensive clothes and jewellery,” she explained. “Recently I received a car and a charming Salvador Dali piece.
“I’m enjoying receiving artwork at the moment.”
She knows she’s criticised and doesn’t care.
“The idea of having a dreary, monotonous lifestyle is intolerable,” she said.
“But some women are angry with me. On one occasion a pregnant acquaintance heard I was seeing a married man and turned on me. She launched herself towards me, bump first, at an event and accused me of being a homewrecker.
“She need not have worried — there is no way I’d have gone for her man. I think about the people who criticise me and wonder: “Are you happy at home watching This Morning? Or don’t you crave excitement, like me?”

[Sun UK]

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The Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Terseer Waya fondly known as Kiddwaya has incited reactions from netizens after a video of him and his lover locking lips in a restaurant went viral.

It could be recalled that recently, a post had made rounds on the internet of a fan identified as Umelo Patricia who joined an online church program with a prayer request asking God to make Kiddwaya and Erica get married.


In a recent video, posted by media personality, Daddy Freeze, the BBNaija star was spotted at a restaurant with Kiddwaya alongside a white lady, who Daddy Freeze introduced as the TV star’s fiancee. “Kiddwaya and his fiancee, showing us how to love,” Daddy Freeze captioned the post on his Instagram account.

While engaging in a public display of affection, Kiddwaya proceeded to show his passionate side by feeding his fiancee some food from his plate and further gave her a kiss, an action which prompted cheers from Daddy Freeze; celebrity pastor, Tobi Adegboyega and several others who dined with them.


The reality TV star also asked if Pastor Tobi would join them in their union, and the pastor replied, saying he would be honoured.

Freeze also taunted fans who had wanted Kiddwaya and Erica to be together, he said; “Stop asking where is Erica, send her a DM.”


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The steady increase in internet subscriptions in Nigeria will lead to the creation of more jobs for Nigerians and further boost the country’s economy. This is according to industry experts who spoke to Nairametrics.

The experts observed that more Nigerians are becoming aware of the huge opportunities that could be derived from the internet, hence, many are getting connected every day. The growing embrace of the internet, they said, is driving the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria and creating several internet-enabled jobs.

This is even as they noted that more Nigerians on the internet creates more attention to cybersecurity and data protection issues, which will in turn create jobs for experts in those areas.


Between January and July this year, data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) shows that active internet subscriptions across mobile, fixed and VoIP networks have increased by over 10 million. Internet subscriptions in the country, which stood at 141.9 million as of December 2021, jumped to 152 million as of July 2022.

What they are saying

Reacting to the internet subscriptions growth in a chat with Nairametrics, the Chief Executive Officer of Jidaw Systems Limited, and ICT solutions provider company, Mr. Jide Awe, said: “The steady rise in Internet subscriptions is an indication of greater awareness of the benefits and opportunities that can be derived from the Internet. Remote working and digital activities accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic may have opened many eyes and contributed to the rise.

“It indicates that the Internet is being used to improve efficiency and effectiveness in key areas in the society and economy—communication and sharing, learning, commercial transactions, work from home, faster information search, responsiveness to inquiries, pricing comparisons, networking, and partnering. This is creating and will continue to create new types of Internet-enabled jobs as well indirect jobs that may be created offline by increased Internet activities.

“Again, as Internet activities rise, Cybersecurity and Data protection will require more attention and will also be a source of jobs.”

Awe, however, noted that the growth in the use of the internet should be made inclusive for all Nigerians.

Also speaking, the Executive Secretary of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) Mr. Ajibola Olude, said internet subscriptions would continue to rise as the telecom operators are pushing a new agenda of rural connectivity which ensures that more Nigerians are connected. “Internet subscriptions will continue to rise in Nigeria because the government and some private organizations are encouraging digital literacy across the length and breadth of the country.

“This will definitely have a positive impact on macroeconomic variables like job creation because as telecom operators move to unconnected areas to get them connected, banks, insurance, and a host of other businesses will also be moving to those areas and people have to be employed to work in those companies,” he said.

An IT expert, Mr. Adewale Adeoye, described internet access as the bedrock of the digital economy policy being implemented by the government. “Without high internet penetration, there is no digital economy. This is why the rising internet subscriptions is a positive development for Nigeria; an indication that many more Nigerians are being brought into the digital economy space, thus creating more job opportunities,” he said.

What you should know

  • A recent report by Endeavor Nigeria, ‘The Inflection Point: Africa’s digital economy is poised to take off,’ forecast that 44 million jobs could be created if Nigeria and other African nations’ Internet penetration reaches 75%
  • The report stated that three million jobs in Nigeria and other African countries would be created by online marketplaces by 2025 and 1.7 million jobs were expected by the same year as a result of Google’s $1billion investment to support digital transformation through its subsea cables between Europe and Africa.
  • Another report by Jobberman dubbed “Digital Sector: Skills Gap Report” indicates that Nigeria’s digital economy holds the potential to create jobs and reduce the rate of unemployment.
  • Recent data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) suggests that the country’s unemployment rate currently stands at 33.3%.

The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy is currently implementing a National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (NDEPS). This is aimed at getting more Nigerians to participate in the digital economy through capacity building and deepening internet penetration.


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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Ovia Federal Constituency Omosede Igbinedion has been issued a certificate by state leadership of the party three months after the primary. 

The issuance to Omosede and other candidates held at the party secretariat.

Omosede told reporters she would ensure victory for PDP in Ovia, saying the errors that gave APC victory in 2019 would never occur again.


‘’People of Ovia have seen the difference in representation going by my achievements and projects I attracted to the constituency, she said.

“Today marks the beginning of the end of APC in Ovia. When campaign starts in few weeks, we will tell the people the real issues.

“Our campaigns are going to be issue-based. Our focus is on securing victory and we will make votes count.

“We thank Mr. President for assuring he would not rig for his party. We urge him to uphold his promise. My projects are visible in Ovia The people want the return of true representation.”


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The 15th edition of the Headies award ceremony took place on Sunday, September 4 in Atlanta, United States of America.

The monumental event became the first ever Headies award to take place outside the shores of Nigeria with American entertainment polymath, Anthony Andersen alongside renowned Nollywood actress, Osas Ighodaro serving as hosts of the event.


Anthony Andersen is famous for his sit-com Blackish where he played the role of Mr. Johnson beside Tracy Ellis Ross who played his wife.

Olamide’s 2020 album ‘Carpe Diem’ won the best Rap Album at the 2022 Headies Award to kick off the award show on Sunday night.

Wizkid in absentia bagged three major awards including Best Collaboration, Song of the Year for the track Essence and Album of the Year for Made In Lagos – Deluxe Edition. Buju BNXN won the highly coveted Headies Next Rated award.

Burna Boy’s mother, Bose Ogulu also received a Special Recognition for her influence in Afrobeat and the Nigerian music industry. She was honoured alongside Efe Omorogbe, who managed 2Baba’s illustrious career and who contributed actively to the evolution of Afrobeats.


Sunday Are has managed so many artists including Wizkid, D’banj, Wande Coal, Lagbaja, amongst many other talents.

Equally important, Asake’s exceptional performance at the award ceremony received a standing ovation from the audience. Despite not receiving an award nomination, the Yahoo Boy No Laptop (YBNL) signee stunned the attendees with his performance.

See complete list of winners below.

Best Rap Album

Olamide- Carpe Diem

Best Alternative Song

Flavour- Doings

Best Rap Single

Ladipoe x Buju (aka BNXN)- Feelings

Best Street Hop Award

Nektunez x Goya Menor’s- Ameno Amapiano

Lyricist on the Roll award

A-Q- The Last Cypher


Best Female Vocal Performance

Waje- Last time

Producer of the Year

SARZ (featuring Lojay)– Monalisa

Recording of the Year

Patoraking- Celebrate Me

Best Video Director

TG Tomori- Fireboy x D Smoke “Champion”

Best R&B single

Wizkid x Tems- Essence

Best Alternative Album

Ibejii- Intermission

Best Dancehall/Reggae Album

Patoranking- Three

Collaboration of the Year

Wizkid x Tems- Essence

Songwriter Award

Adekunle Gold- Sinner

Best Afrobeats Single

Fireboy- Peru

Song Of The Year

Wizkid x Tems- Essence

Viewers Choice Award

Ayra Starr- Bloody Samaritan

Next Rated Award

Buju (aka BNXN)

Best Inspirational Song

KCee & Okwesili Eze Group- Cultural Praise

Album Of The Year

Wizkid- Made In Lagos

Best Central African Artiste Of The Year


International Artiste Special Recognition

Wyclef Jean

Special Recognition (Talent)


Special Recognition Awards

Bose Ogulu
Efe Omorogbe
Sunday Are

Rookie of the Year


Best R&B Album

Tems- If Orange Was A Place (EP)

Female Artist of the Year


Humanitarian of the Year


Digital Artist of the Year


Best Male Artist

Burna Boy

Best African Act

Burna Boy

Best International Artist Recognition

Chris Brown

Hall Of Fame

Angelique Kidjo

Best West African Artist

Gyakie (Ghana)

Best Male Vocal Performance




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Duplo, a business-to-business payment platform that makes it easier for African businesses of all sizes to pay each other, has raised $4.3 million in seed funding to launch new products and expand into new business verticals in Nigeria.

The seed funding round included Liquid2 Ventures, Soma Capital, Tribe Capital, Commerce Ventures, Basecamp Fund, and Y Combinator. Oui Capital also re-invested after participating in the previous round.

Since going live in January 2022, Duplo has seen great traction with FMCG distributors and finance teams of midsize and enterprise businesses, helping them to digitise and simplify the way money moves between them and their business partners.

FMCG distributors can onboard retailers in their network on the Duplo platform, making it easier for them to collect payments digitally and access real-time insights into business performance. They can also automate payments to vendors, manufacturers and suppliers, with instant payments enabling them to transact in larger quantities.

For finance teams, Duplo's end-to-end solution automates the back office processes of generating and processing invoices, receiving and approving bills, collecting and disbursing funds, and completing account reconciliation. Duplo works seamlessly with all major accounting and ERP platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, QuickBooks and Sage, and payments processed through Duplo are automatically synced with these platforms in real-time.

With Duplo, businesses can cut time spent on admin tasks such as account reconciliation by up to 50 percent and reduce payment-related costs by up to 85 percent. In the last 3 months, the company has increased the number of businesses on its platform by 1000%. Total Payment Volume has also increased by 4200% in the last 5 months.

According to the World Bank, B2B payments in Sub-Saharan Africa represents a $1.5 trillion market. However, the process of making and receiving payment remains largely manual, which makes it expensive and highly inefficient for businesses.

 Invoices are also not standardised and they are typically issued and received manually, which increases the administrative burden on business owners, taking more time and effort that can be invested into their businesses.

A recent report from Duplo which included the surveyed opinions of more than 1,000 business owners from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt also highlighted that 44 percent of businesses still have to wait more than 24 hours to receive payments from business customers and partners.

34 percent take up to 7 days to receive payments, 17 percent take up to 30 days and 3 percent take more than 30 days to receive business payments. This presents a significant challenge for businesses who are often unable to maximise sales and growth opportunities available to them due to cash flow restrictions induced by complex payment processes.

According to Yele Oyekola, CEO and co-founder of Duplo, "we have seen a lot of innovation in consumer payments in Africa in recent years but business-to-business payments have largely stayed the same. We strongly believe that there is a great opportunity to catalyse growth and maximise business opportunities across the continent by removing the bottlenecks that hinder the seamless flow of money between businesses and we are excited to have raised funding from this exciting group of investors to deliver this much-needed transformation".

Peter Oriaifo, Principal at Oui Capital said, "The Duplo team has built an incredible suite of products that improve how businesses make and receive payments from each other, and  the growth that the company has experienced since our initial pre-seed investment in 2021 has been nothing short of impressive. It is for this reason that we are excited to back Duplo once more.


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