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Attack on female police officer barbaric, inhumane – PSC

Attack on female police officer barbaric, inhumane –PSC

The Police Service Commission, on Friday, described the attack on Inspector Teju Moses, as barbaric and inhumane.

Moses, who was a female police orderly attached to an activist, Prof. Zainab Abiola, was assaulted by Abiola and her domestic staff in Abuja on Tuesday.

The Head of Press and Public Relations of PSC, Mr Ikechukwu Ani, said, in a statement, that the assault on the police officer was a direct threat to national security and calculated attempt to ridicule the Nigeria Police Force and what it stands for.


Although Abiola and one of her domestic staff, had been arrested, the second staff involved is still at large.


Ani therefore called for immediate investigation and prosecution of all characters involved and urged the police authority to review the operations of the Special Protection Unit.

The PSC spokesman said the call was to ensure that only few Nigerians who genuinely deserve such protection were given the service.

“The Commission frowns upon the abuse of police orderlies by Nigerians who now use them as status symbols or convert them to house helps who clean, cook or do menial jobs.

“With the security problems ravaging the nation, there is an urgent need to free many Police Officers loitering in private houses and following big men around,”he said.

Ani called on the police hierarchy to quickly put a stop to the practice and concentrate its efforts in the policing and protection of vulnerable Nigerians.



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