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2023: Peter Obi’s supporters are extremists, dangerous to other Nigerians – Segalink

Nigerian activist, Segun Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink, has called on the Federal Government to check the alleged cyber bullying activities of Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s supporters.

Awoniyi made the call in a series of tweets on Thursday.


He described Obi’s supporters as “extremists” that may further escalate the country’s fragile polity.

“Nigerians will not be cowered by the recently activated cyber terror cells that is threatening to make our election unsafe and put the lives of others in harm’s way. This is against the country’s Cybercrime Act 2015 part III sub 18 Highlighting Cyber Terrorism.

“The Nigerian authorities should also be aware of the ongoing CyberTerrorism being unleashed on citizens by Peter Obi fans with untold extremism, which may escalate and further exacerbate our fragile polity. This is unhealthy & immediate action must be taken.

“Abuse is not working, bullying has failed now they are digging up well worn lies that failed in the past. You’re revealing yourselves. Nigeria deserves better. Coercion won’t work even from perpetual protesters and commercial activists. I stand with Nigeria,” he tweeted.


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  • Comment Link James Wednesday, 22 June 2022 17:35 posted by James

    Imagine the type of gutter language Mr. Awosanya adopted in a conversation of this nature. The teeming supporters of PO saw in him and were attracted by what they believe will lift this country from its present woes, decadence, social & economic morass from the crop of people and political parties that have mismanaged this country since the return to democratic rule in 1999 . Mr. Awosanya should come forward to tell Nigerians what his paymasters are prepared to bring to the table to solve the numerous problems of poverty, corruption, mass killing of innocent citizens, banditry, kidnappings, herdsmen attack, hunger, economic woes, tribalism and nepotism, etc. instead of coming here to run his mouth against a more decent people than himself, like a parrot. We are not going back to Egypt whether he accepts it or not.

  • Comment Link Chiekpezie Friday, 17 June 2022 14:39 posted by Chiekpezie

    I think it's really a shame that a reputable platform like this was availed to Mr. Awosanya to continue to play the victim,while he's been the aggressor.
    He's tried every trick in his bag to garb Obi's campaign with ethnic bigotry, but failed. Now, he's veered into an area that's an inferno. How can you tag every supporter of a presidential candidate terrorist? How can he tag somebody like Prof. Pat Utomi a terrorist? Or, does it mean he didn't know Utomi's supports Obi?

    All the veiled statements he made to tag Obi a separatist leader are well noted. And I don't blame him for that, but he is assured that every act of man shall be accounted for one day: if not here; it shall be in the Hereafter.

    You're paid to smear a candidate, and you're smearing a whole race. And that's ok to you. Is Obi not campaigning to become Nigeria's President? Isn't he qualified to doing so? I haven't heard you link BAT or Atiku to any ethnic militants not to talk of terrorists groups. But, it's safe for you do that to Obi.
    Mr. Awosanya, you're dangerous and devilish. I pray the kind of Nigeria you're cooking isn't serve to you.

    Finally, Mr. Abati, I didn't respond to Segun in other less respected platforms, but I've to here because I'm shocked that you reduced your platform to a hatchet man like Segun.
    Did you consider the implication before you published it? You didn't even tried to balance it at all. Or, you're supporting his position?

    However, it's instructive to know that we're all here.