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Tuesday, 26 September 2023 08:37

Why I remarried my new wife few days after leaving ex-wife – Gospel artist Paul Nwokocha opens up

Gospel artist Paul Nwokocha has opened up about his decision to remarry just one month after parting ways with his ex-wife, Alice.

The singer shared candid insights into his tumultuous marital journey, citing inspiration from his faith as a driving force behind his swift remarriage to Goodness.

Gospel Artist Paul Nwokocha addresses quick remarriage after divorce, reflects on marital struggles Gospel artist Paul Nwokocha alongside his new wife, Goodness.
Paul Nwokocha acknowledged the challenges he faced during his marriage with his ex-wife, Alice.

Following her departure from their marital home, he made the choice to enter into a new union with Goodness, a decision that has sparked both support and controversy.

In the video, Nwokocha expressed his deep faith and belief that he should not be alone.

He revealed that his religious convictions played a pivotal role in his decision to remarry.

Responding to the public backlash he has received since news of his remarriage broke, Nwokocha took to social media to address ongoing controversies and share his perspective.

He expressed gratitude towards his viewers, critics, and supporters, while raising thought-provoking questions about his ex-wife, Alice’s silence on the matter.

Nwokocha mentioned a conversation he had with Alice’s mother, who had warned her daughter about the consequences of mistreating her husband.

Furthermore, Nwokocha spoke about his interactions with welfare authorities in Obiakpor, where he resides, regarding his marital situation.

He encouraged those interested in the details of his case to reach out to the welfare office to gain a comprehensive understanding.

In his words;

“My name is Paul Nwokocha popularly known as Gospel Governor. I am the one that’s trending everywhere about my marital issue. I want to thank my viewers, my criticizers, those that speak ill of me and those that are on my side.

“I want to ask one question, ‘have you asked yourself why Alice has not said anything?’ or can’t ask Alice what did you do to your husband that made him to pack out of the house or ask her ‘Alice what did your mother tell you when she came to Port Harcourt.’ The mother said if I may tell you, ‘Alice it is when you look for this man who is by your side and you don’t see him again, you will know what you have done to yourself. This man you are maltreating by the time you look for him by your side and you don’t see him, you will know what you’ve done to yourself.’

“To those who are talking about I got married one month after Alice packed away, remember that this case has been in welfare port harcourt, Obiakpor precisely. Go to Obiakpor and ask them if this case, they know everything. When I explained to Obiakpor welfare what happened they asked if this things I’m saying happened in the dream or physically.”

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