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Tuesday, 19 September 2023 16:34

“The truth will come out” – Prophet Fufeyin insists Mohbad’s death wasn’t natural

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, the spiritual leader of the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry (CMDM) in Warri, Delta state, has asserted that the recent death of Nigerian singer, Mohbad, was not a natural occurrence.

The cleric further proclaimed that the late artist’s spirit would haunt those responsible for his demise until the truth is unveiled.

Prophet claims Nigerian singer Mohbad's death not natural; Police launch investigation

In Prophet Fufeyin’s words;

Alleged dark secrets of the music industry exposed by up and coming musician following Mohbad’s demise
“Mohbad’s death is not an ordinary death, and his spirit is going to trouble the people that killed him, and the truth will come out.”

He has pledged his unwavering commitment to seeking justice for Mohbad and uncovering the mysteries surrounding his untimely passing.

In response to the the public outcry and mounting concerns regarding Mohbad’s death prompted Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Id-owu Owohunwa, to take decisive action.

On Monday, September 18, Commissioner Owohunwa inaugurated a specialized investigative team tasked with delving into the circumstances surrounding the artist’s tragic demise.

Commissioner Owohunwa assured the public of the police’s wholehearted dedication to ensuring justice for Mohbad. Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos police spokesman, addressed the concerns surrounding the case and emphasized that, if necessary, Mohbad’s body would be exhumed to facilitate a comprehensive autopsy.

Mohbad’s untimely death has ignited widespread public outrage, with numerous Nigerians passionately demanding justice for the beloved singer and his grieving family.

The news of Prophet Jeremiah’s assertions and the subsequent formation of a police investigation team have instilled hope in the hearts of many Nigerians who yearn for closure and accountability in this tragic incident.

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