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Sunday, 17 September 2023 05:42

Police Begin Search For Missing 200 Level University Student In Abuja

The FCT Police Command has begun a search for a missing student of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Blessing Karami Moses, who has gone missing since Monday.

According to her elder brother, Genesis Moses Karami, speaking to THE WHISTLER in a phone interview, Blessing was declared missing on Monday, 11th September 2023.

Karami said his 26-year-old sister who is still single, never got to her house in Lugbe after closing from work in Area 3 junction where she works in a plaza with Visest Supplement company.

He said, “She is my younger sister. She studied early childhood development at college of education, Gidan Waya in Kaduna before going to NOUN as a direct entry student where is now studying the same course. She is in 200 level.

“I stay in Kaduna but she stays in Lugbe. She stays alone. My sister left for work on Monday morning, then went to work. They (her colleagues) saw her at work. She did all of her work and closed by 5pm and that was the last time. That was all.”

The troubled brother said his sister’s colleagues in the office explained to him that his sister left work that day with their office key, which is something she never did.

“However, the next morning, on Tuesday, the remaining staff came to the office and they didn’t find her, and the office was closed. So that was when they raised an alarm that they have been trying her number but it’s not going through, so they had to reach out to my elder sister because she worked with the woman (owner of the company).

“It was when my elder sister got a new job that she recommended Blessing and left for the new job in Enugu.

“She normally doesn’t leave with the office key because there’s a place they used to keep the key in the office. But that day she didn’t keep it, she left with it,” he said.

Karami explained that his sister didn’t quarrel with anyone in the office, adding her colleagues had to break the door to gain entry into the office that day and nothing was found missing.

“We asked around in the office and nothing, it was when they finally opened the office, not as if anything was missing, and not as if she had any issue with the madam or anybody.

“Everybody was like; ‘is it not Blessing? A jovial person’ and all of that. So I can’t say if she had any issue with them to the best of my knowledge,” he narrated.

Speaking about Blessing’s boss in office, he said, “The madam has been going up and down with us also.

“We’ve been to the police station together and made a statement in the police. She had been with us trying to find a way that could bring her back.

“We reported it to the Durumi police station. The police have already sent signals and are carrying out investigations,” Karami said.

Responding to questions on whether Blessing had a boyfriend she might likely visit, he said: “From the little we were able to gather, they said she was dating one guy in their plaza. Yes we talked with him, the police even investigated him.

“According to him, they were supposed to meet that day, but she couldn’t wait for him because he was in town, so she left the plaza before he came back.

“My mum is still in Kaduna, of course she is devastated and just praying that we get to find her. Personally, it’s depressing and heart wrecking to me.”

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