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Wednesday, 20 September 2023 09:24

Mohbad: Woli Arole laments over ‘cabal’ in Nigerian gospel music industry

The renowned comedian Bayegun Oluwatoyin, better known as Woli Arole, has dropped a bombshell concerning the Nigerian gospel music scene.

Expressing deep sorrow over Mohbad’s tragic demise due to alleged bullying, Woli Arole took to Instagram to assert that a powerful clique wields influence within the industry.

In a bold move, he encouraged anyone who has suffered injustice within the sector to step forward and speak their truth.


The comedian exposed the existence of a WhatsApp group being used as a tool of intimidation to undermine musicians.


He passionately argued against such a negative atmosphere prevailing in the gospel music realm, advocating for a more harmonious environment.

Woli Arole highlighted the growing support from numerous celebrities who are committed to truth and using their platforms to seek justice for the oppressed.

The comedian wrote;


“A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Wait I hear say CABAL Dey for GOSPEL MUSIC. People don Dey enter my DM oo00.

“Haaaaaa. Kingdom of GOD. I hear say “WhatsApp group Dey to pull Artist down”. Wahala ma se le gidi.

“Wait what am I hearing, competition in GOSPEL MUSIC, are we not singing to glorify GOD? Fake love in gospel? Backbiting in gospel music industry?

“Haaaaaaa. This matter long. Na that CABAL vex me pass. They won’t call someone because he/she is seen with another person. GOSPEL MUSIC!!!!!. Which way!!!!!

“Wahala Wahala!!!… Gospel Music industry Haaaaaa!!. Na just names I Dey wait for. Our Voice is for Justice. Our platform is to speak the truth. No more oppression or bullying. Not until people die that we would ACT. People don Dey enter my DM. Kingdom of GOD, bullying as well. Haaaaaaa!!! lgboro ma daru very soon. I Dey wait Evidence!!!”


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