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ABU students: We negotiated with kidnappers, paid ransom –Relation

ABU students: We negotiated with kidnappers, paid ransom –Relation

Less than 24 hours after the police in Kaduna State claimed they rescued three law students of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, from kidnappers, a relative of one of the rescued girls, Sadiq Ango, has countered the police.

Ango took to his twitter page, @sadiqango, to tweet that the police were lying.

He said: “Lies… it took us 48 long hours of negotiation with the kidnappers to secure the release of our sister to us, not the police. Ransom was paid in full as negotiated with the three families involved.”


Responding to Ango, Bashir Ahmad @BashirAmaad, who appears to have shared a news report that police rescued the three Law students, also tweeted: “I have taken down this tweet. Relatives and one of the victims confirmed that there was no police involvement in the process that leads to their release. Too bad police were trying to take credit. I apologise for sharing it.”

The three students were part of travellers abducted on Kaduna-Abuja Expressway on Tuesday. This was after the kidnappers killed three of among the travellers. The students were released on Wednesday.


When contacted on the claims that ransom was paid, the Kaduna State Police Command yesterday said its statement informing the public of the release of the abducted students was simple enough.


The police also pointed out that there was nowhere in the statement that they disclosed that they were the ones who rescued the kidnapped final year Law students.

Responding to enquiries about the controversy generated following a tweet by the aide of President Muhammadu Buhari and the response by a family member of the now freed students, the PPRO, Yakubu Sabo, said, “I’m just wondering how a simple statement that was made public and is still public could be misunderstood.”

However, a security source told our correspondent that the police never claimed responsibility for the release of the students and blamed a section of the media for ascribing the rescue to the police.

The source said:  “I don’t know how some people came about the information. I also saw the statement by the police spokesman and there was nowhere even the word rescued was use.

“Maybe some people just felt since he (Yakubu Sabo) was the one that informed the press, they concluded that the police did the rescue. But ordinarily there should not be any controversy. People should be happy that the victims are back and safe.”

Sabo had said in the Wednesday statement that “I want to inform you that the three ABU students involved in the incident of 26th August 2019 along Kaduna Abuja Road have been released today (Wednesday) and they were reunited with their families accordingly. Until today, they were the three victims left in captivity.”




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