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FG plans to develop indigenous languages

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Dr.  Ogbonnaya Onu Dr.  Ogbonnaya Onu

Minister of Science and Technology Dr.  Ogbonnaya Onu has reiterated that the ministry will seek collaboration with the  Ministry of Education to  develop  indigenous languages in  the teaching of mathematics and science  subjects from primary to secondary schools in the country.

 Onu made the declaration on Friday  while addressing participants/stakeholders at an “International Easter Retreat For Ndigbo in the Diaspora” organised by the Igbo Information and Communication Network and World Igbo Leadership Education and Cultural Council in Uburu Ohaozara Local Government Area of  Ebonyi State.

He  said  that the policy would help   young Nigerians to  embrace science and technology, and put the country in a position to produce future Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry and medicine.

Onu said, “We must prepare our people so that they would no longer see science as a difficult discipline, but rather as  a Course that is surmountable.”

“Though there was already a policy that encourages the learning of mathematics and Science in Indigenous Languages, the Ministry of science and technology would amend the policy, and extend it to Senior Secondary Schools.”


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