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Snail undergoes operation to fix its SHELL after woman treads on it

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According to website From The Grapevine, this kind of incident is quite common as the snails are attracted to the moisture following heavy rain in the area.

Once the snail was inside the surgery, the vet used glue and began piecing it back together using tweezers.

The clinic wrote: 'For the broken shell, we need a combination of patience and finesse with epoxy glue.

'We make sure the glue stays outside the shell and does not penetrate the inner patch.'

It is believed the snail will remain at the clinic for up to a month to let its shell heal after the vet used a lot of glue to carry out the procedure.

After reading the post, a number of Facebook users commented on the staff member's effort to help the animal.

Karin Kotler wrote: 'You guys rock! Giving meaning to every living creature.'



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