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Suicidal woman who paid a contract killer to murder her sues the hitman for failing to 'deliver the service'

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The Brazilian woman was suffering from chronic anxiety-depressive disorder

She claimed she hired killer to end her life but that he did not 'deliver the service'

The unnamed woman has since tried to sue him for 'breaching consumer rights'

A suicidal woman paid a contract killer to murder her - then sued him for breach of contract after he failed to 'deliver the service'.

The Brazilian woman, who suffers from chronic anxiety-depressive disorder, had already tried to kill herself several times, according to reports. 

After failing to take her own life she decided to pay a hitman to do the job, court documents reveal.

She claimed he agreed to kill her in return for an unknown quantity of money and her car. 

But after receiving the payment up front, and having ownership of the vehicle transferred to him, the assassin disappeared without 'delivering the service', according to the court papers. 

The woman, who cannot be named, told a court in Taguatinga, near Brazil's capital Brasilia, that the hired killer had breached her 'consumer rights' and demanded her money back. 

But the judge said that the agreement should have been signed at a public notary office to be legally binding. 

And he said document they signed in which ownership of the woman's car was passed to the alleged assassin wasn't proof that he had received the vehicle as payment for killing her. 

Closing the case, he added that, even if a written contract had existed, it would not be valid because the act that was being negotiated was already unlawful. 



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